The Golden Age of Atlantis: Even Aquaman was aware of his 12 chakra system!

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll find it extremely easy to be appreciative of bohemian-looking demigods with long hair, tattooed (bare) chest that can crush vehicles, down-to-earth attitude and a smashing sense of humour. Of course, I’m talking about Aquaman, a.k.a Jason Momoa!
The Golden Age of Atlantis
While sitting in the cinema on one of the last days of 2018 watching Aquaman (Momoa), brought to life by DC Comics and Warner Bros, I couldn’t help but ponder about two of my favourite subjects in the whole wide world: the lost city of Atlantis and our bodies’ energy centres, called chakras. I’m not exactly into comics, so was surprised to find Aquaman (Momoa) set in the lost kingdom of Atlantis. My mind pulled up a piece of information from a few months back, as I started researching 12 chakra system and stumbled upon Diana Cooper’s Discover Atlantis, explaining the connection between Atlantis and their use of 12 chakra system.
So, just for a while, I will try to take my mind off Jason Momoa and focus on the Golden Age of Atlantis, Atlanteans and their knowledge of 12 chakra system (come on brain, you can do this!) before introducing other 12 chakra systems put in place by Diana Cooper, Lord Kuthumi, Cyndi Dale and Lazaris.



Years and years ago during one of my identity crisis, someone told me that whatever you feel most drawn to answers the question of where you came from. Now, I know I came from my mum and dad and that my family tree is deeply rooted somewhere in Eastern Europe… but that’s not what they meant. I’ve always had a mad connection with the sea, and dreamt of living in Atlantis as a spiritually evolved individual.
So does that make my soul Atlantean??
Map of Atlantis
My favourite theory involves four highly advanced societies (Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians and Lyrans) amongst other light beings creating Earth as an experiment to bring their knowledge into a third-dimensional world by incarnating in human form. They created the first island called Lemuria (representing the divine feminine), and the second one called Atlantis (representing the divine masculine). The inhabitants of these two islands co-existed and evolved their shared knowledge and skills in harmony for thousands of years. Today we refer to this era as the Golden Age of Atlantis.



It was during that time that the technology and human light consciousness were at the highest point ever in the history of Earth. And
The Ruins of Atlantis
yep, their level of technology was far greater than the one we have today!
They seemed to have merged their scientific knowledge well with their spiritual sides. They were strongly connected to their 12 chakras and relied mostly on the energy they derived from crystals. Their lives were intertwined with sacred geometry and their highly-complex technology enabled them to produce computers, aircrafts, elevators, submarines, crystal lasers, you name it!
Diana Cooper explains such achievements in extreme detail in her book “Discover Atlantis”. I find her display of knowledge fascinating and have inhaled the book in only a few days. It has deepened my understanding of Atlantis immensely, as it describes the rise and fall of Atlantis, and focuses heavily on its Golden Age. Cooper has written many other equally interesting works, however, Discovering Atlantis stands out for me – it’s a must-read for anyone who feels strongly connected to Atlantis.
Cooper states that before Ego developed, Atlanteans had greatly expanded skulls and brains, and used it to their full potential. They were known for their various psychic abilities (most of us have them too, but they’ve been suppressed), such as clairvoyance, clairsentient, clairaudience, remote viewing, psychometry and seeing auras.
She also explains how the energies that have recently been beamed to Earth are resulting in the awakening of more and more people, preparing us for the new Golden Age of Atlantis. We have the power to reinvent our lives to live the way Atlanteans used to by applying our knowledge of everyone sharing the same space, the same spiritual oneness. This will enable us to exist from the viewpoint of unconditional love and balance the yin and yang, masculine and feminine within us.
Another fascinating discovery that Cooper made is the fact that when our Earth Star chakras are in full operation, the Earth will be able to heal itself from years of pollution.
Great news for humanity, especially the members of Extinction Rebellion!
However, the Earth Star chakra requires cosmic rays emanating from the three transpersonal chakras (Causal, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway chakras) in order to be stimulated and activated.


“The balance created by the triangle of the three higher chakras and the Earth Star allows the holy presence of the eternal
force to renew the Earth and to help heal it from the damage inflicted by humans.”

Diana Cooper, “Discover Atlantis”
The Great Pyramid of Giza
What currently plagues humanity the most is our fear of unknown. But when the planet is full of such high energies as described above, the pyramids will once again be renewed and re-energized to work with the stars, as will our self-healing powers. Similarly to monks over the past 2000 years, Atlanteans would walk at least three miles every day with bare feet to keep their connection to Earth strong, so they could allow their spirits to fly safely.
We should definitely take some inspiration from them! 🙂


*If you would like to help raise vibrations and fight for Mother Earth’s survival, head over to my website Pachamama Warrior to find out how.



I had immense difficulties trying to source out THE ONE AND ONLY 12 chakra system, but instead found scattered pieces of information describing various 12 chakra systems, which, quite frankly, melted my brain!
After weeks of research, I started gravitating towards a specific chakra system, as outlined by Melanie Beckler. I’m a fan of her guided meditations and her theory seemed to have resonated with me the most, but I do have to admit that Diana Cooper’s variation of 12 chakra system is definitely up there with Melanie Beckler’s. So if you’re keen to have a little look at the fruits of my painfully slow labour, hop on to my 12 chakra system page.
Hope you have a ball! 🙂


But for the rest of you, here’s a brief summary of the remainder of the equally interesting interpretations of 12 chakra systems pinned down by some of the biggest names in the chakra world:



1. Diana Cooper’s Atlantean 12 chakra system 

Let me start with one of the most detailed versions of 12 chakra system, taken from Diana Cooper’s “Ascension Through Orbs”, in which she links individual chakras to colours (bear in mind fifth-dimensional colours may be different to the colours we associate with seven basic chakras) and Archangels that overlook them. This 12 chakra system came from Atlanteans, but as we evolved (along with our egos) only seven chakras in the body remained, until now. Find out more about the main 7 chakras here.
 To explain Cooper’s 12 chakra system in detail, I am enclosing the names of all 13 chakras:


  • Earth Star chakra (black and white) – Archangel Sandalphon
  • Base (platinum), Sacral (tender pink) and Navel chakra (bright orange) have developed from one chakra to three chakras in the fifth dimension – Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame Hope
  • Solar plexus chakra (deep gold with rainbow lights) – Archangel Uriel and his twin flame Aurora
  • Heart chakra (white) – Archangel Chamuel and Charity
  • Throat chakra (royal blue) – Archangel Michael and Faith
  • Third eye chakra (crystal ball) – Archangel Raphael and his twin flame Mary
  • Crown chakra (crystal clear) – Archangel Jophiel and his twin flame Christine
  • The Causal chakra (white) – Archangel Christiel and his twin flame Mallory
  • The Soul Star chakra (magenta) – Archangels Zadkiel, Amethyst, Mariel and Lavender
  • The Stellar Gateway (deepest gold to orange) – Archangel Metatron, Seraphim Seraphina (looks after the stage between the Stellar Gateway and Source)


2. Lord Kuthumi’s DNA-based 12 chakra system

According to Master Kuthumi, there are 12 crystals that correspond with 12 strands of DNA, 12 chakras and 12 numbers. I find this version highly confusing and can’t seem to wrap my head around it, but in case you feel like delving deeper, here’s a DNA-based 12 chakra system article by An Indian Machine.
Ascending Masters World produced a (subtly funky) video explaining Lord Kuthumi’s message about the 12 chakra system to help our transition into the fifth dimension. Personally, the computer lady voice puts me off, but it’s worth a listen purely because it manages to provide some brilliant information.


3. Cyndi Dale’s 12 chakra systems

Cyndi Dale is in my eyes THE chakra connoisseur, she’s written many books on the subject, including “Advanced Chakra Wisdom”.
Dale explains there are two versions of 12 chakra systems, which are quite similar to each other.


   12 Chakra System No.1:
  • Basic 7 chakras
  • 8th: Time transcendence & connection to Spirit
  • 9th: Seat of the Soul
  • 10: Earth connection
  • 11th: Mind over matter
  • 12th: Universal Unity


   12 Chakra System No. 2:
  • Basic 7 chakras
  • 8th: Earth chakra
  • 9th: Lunar chakra
  • 10th: Solar chakra
  • 11th: Galactic chakra
  • 12th: Universal chakra/Universal consciousness


4. Lazaris’ 12 chakra system

The following is information gathered from recorded sessions with channel Lazaris explaining his version of 12 chakra system, which consists of:
  • Basic 7 chakras
  • 8th: Auric chakra
  • 9th: Etheric chakra
  • 10th: Real Self chakra
  • 11th: Soul Star Chakra
  • 12th: Divine Gateway chakra


Which version of 12 chakra system resonates with you most? 
Do you happen to know any other interpretations of the 12 chakra system or have any books to recommend? If so, don’t be shy, please share your knowledge in the comment box. I’d be delighted to know more about this subject!


So, there you go! I’m still completely fascinated by the connection between the 12 chakra system and Atlantis. Researching these two subjects has been extremely time consuming, but absolutely rewarding at the same time. This knowledge has been waiting to reach me and I’m glad it brought me to Diana Cooper’s Discover Atlantis. I keep important books (my personal bibles!) on my bedside table, and this one gets to lay closest to my head! 😛
Also, it looks like I’ve managed to keep Jason Momoa out of this for most parts, despite many sabotaging attempts by my brain!
For this, I give myself a big, juicy pat on the back!
You talking ’bout me??


Until next time,


Love, light & cuddles xx
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Throat Chakra Crystal Healing – Hear Me Roar!

Lion's Loud Roar Art

It is our Throat Chakra that enables us to speak our truth and brings our authentic selves to the surface. When our Throat Chakra is balanced and healed, we speak our mind assertively with a strong belief in ourselves. There is something quite unique about using Throat Chakra healing crystals and experiencing your voice embracing its power – the power to roar!
I was very shy in my teenage years and as a result, I would stay quiet and let my confident friends do the talking. I had little control of my social circle. If somebody liked me, they would have to make the first move. I would merely respond in a watered-down fashion. I constantly felt frustrated, as though something was holding me back, and I just couldn’t express who I really was.


I felt like my voice didn’t matter…

Boy, was I wrong!
Recently, the Universe has been providing me with a heap of opportunities to grow in terms of speaking my truth and treating my body kindly. I have been experiencing many inspirational individuals coming into my life. They have influenced me to dramatically decrease my coffee and sugar intake (What a struggle!!) and encouraged me to move away from drugs and alcohol completely. I’m trying to keep my spirit ‘pure’ and get to know the ‘sober’ me. Sometimes that part of me is the scariest because I can still be so ridiculously awkward and nervous!
Speak Up Your Inner Truth
The more we dedicate our lives to speaking our most inner truth, the more we connect with our Higher Selves, resulting in increased energy and vitality. We notice we don’t need to be accepted by OTHERS – that’s when we begin to love and accept OURSELVES. We can achieve that by acknowledging our feelings (ALL of them – not just the wonderfully cute ones covered in icing sugar!).
Most of us have been brought up with excellent manners. I am eternally grateful to my parents for raising me in such fashion.  However, these manners and politeness are actually preventing us from expressing what’s TRULY on our mind. Such attitudes like ignoring our ‘bad’ feelings and keeping things to ourselves to keep the peace have a tendency to weaken and block our Throat Chakra.


Positive Assertive Confident and KindNow, don’t start running around upsetting people! It’s still very important to keep your mind as positive and full of love as possible. It’s always best to be assertive, but kind. There is no good that comes from fighting fire with fire. I once had a boss which gave me the best piece of advice:


“Kill them with kindness!”.

As I’ve been learning to find the balance between being assertive and creating painful moments when somebody REALLY doesn’t like what you’re saying (the so-called ‘Oh-no-you-didn’t!’ type of moments), it came to my attention that I’ve been painting my nails turquoise overTurqoise Stones Multiple and over again for weeks. What’s more, I’ve worn the same pair of earrings, bracelets and necklaces for at least a month, and yes, you’ve guessed, they’re all turquoise. It’s a peculiar coincidence that one of the colours connected to Throat Chakra is (drumroll…) turquoise!


It’s funny how our Higher Selves are providing us with all the answers, all we have to do is stop and listen.


But how can we achieve that?



Free flow journal entry

Sit in silence and write down EVERYTHING that comes to your mind. You’re going to need a sturdy pen to keep up with your stream of Free Flow Journal Expression Throat Chakraconsciousness and your final product is probably going to look like the biggest piece of chaos you’ve ever created – but that doesn’t matter! You’re the only person that’s ever going to see your own mess.
Observe it closely. Read it over and over again. All the answers to your questions are hidden in there. Don’t judge what you find. Embrace it and let it go. Let it flutter away like a little butterfly excited to see the world.
Or burn it.
Whichever you prefer. It’s all good 🙂


Sing and chant!

SING YOUR LITTLE HEART OUT! All day, every day.
Sing Your Heart Out Bird
A. It boosts your mood instantly
B. It heals your Throat Chakra, of course! 🙂
Singing is a wonderfully creative self-expression and the best part of it is you can do it anywhere anytime. Music has the power to uplift the singer and everyone around you. After years of uplifting (or annoying) everyone by vocalising your every thought in perfect melody, people will start referring to you as the singer and karaoke nights will suddenly feel like work to you – if you still have your voice by then, that is. 🙂


Chanting, similarly to singing, has been proven to have a positive and calming effect on the person chanting, as well as everyone else exposed to it.
George Harrison Sepia Dark HorseGeorge Harrison, the ‘enlightened’ Beatles, swore by chanting to keep him happy. In a short (but sweet) book Chant and Be Happy based on the teachings of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda, he explains how apparently one can see quicker results with chanting (mantra meditation) than quiet meditation, as the sound vibrations of the mantras resonate with God’s frequency within you, resulting in happiness.
George Harrison also explains how he once chanted Hare Krsna Maha Mantra all the way on his twenty-three-hour drive from France to Portugal. The feelings he described afterwards were those of pure bliss and invincibility. He also suggested chanting whenever possible, as the more you do it, the more you want to continue doing it.
Technically, chanting has the ability to connect you to the Divine, which comes in the shape of pure Love and Light. How can you not be happy experiencing such wonderful emotions?


Naturally, I had to put this theory to a test.

Buddha Mala Meditation BeadsI bought my very first japa mantra meditation kit for my sādhanā (practice), consisting of:


♦ Mala (Buddhist prayer beads) with 108 beads to keep count of mantras
♦ Dorje Counter to count how many of 100 mantra rounds has been chanted
♦ A pouch to keep the Malas in

I followed George’s lead and chose to recite Hare Krsna Maha Mantra, as I already knew the words from the musical Hair (but struggled immensely with trying not to sing it out!).
What I found at the beginning was that I preferred to chant rather than meditate silently, as it seemed more fun. But what I failed to notice is that my mind tends to wander off even more and I become a chanting robot if I don’t keep the focus on really feeling the mantra. Which is why knowing WHAT you’re chanting is a great idea!

Hare Kṛṣṇa Hare Kṛṣṇa
Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Hare Hare
Hare Rāma Hare Rāma
Rāma Rāma Hare Hare

Hare is the word that calls to connect to the energy of the Lord.
Krsna refers to the all-attractive Lord.
Rama stands for the pleasure of the Lord.


After understanding what I was connecting to inside myself and cultivating some patience to chant the same mantra hundreds of times every day (two hours per day are highly recommended), I decided to buy a smaller mala bracelet during travelling, so I can keep it handy and chant maybe half an hour per day. That is sufficient for me at the moment to keep my soul peaceful and happy, and it acts as a little daily break from my busy life.
If you decide to do the same, please remember not to use it for fashion purposes or showing off your spirituality, as it contrasts Buddhist teachings and is detrimental to your own spiritual practice.


Now, for Throat Chakra healing crystals…


Larimar Pendant handmade Necklace
I’ve been a lucky girl in the past as my ex had a great memory to remember the things I liked. Last Christmas (when my knowledge of crystals was not at the level it is now) he bought me an amazing hand-made necklace with a beautiful stone right in the middle of it. Needless to say, I haven’t taken it off since. I’ve noticed an increased level of truth in my communication, and couldn’t keep up the pretence anymore.
I was unable to spend time with people I had nothing in common with because small, fake talk became too excruciating for me. My social life started suffering, but I was shedding away people that weren’t suitable for me and only kept the ones I can have GENUINE conversations with.
Half a year went by and I couldn’t seem to find the name of the stone to Larimar Raw Crystalresearch its properties until one day I came across a stall with crystals and the man pointed the Larimar stone in my necklace out straight away. He was fascinated by it as it appears to be quite a rare find and told me the story behind its name, which made me fall in love with it even more.


Larimar can only be found in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. It was re-discovered by a native Dominican in 1974 (original discovery in Dominican Republic in the World1916) and named after merging his daughter name Larissa with the Spanish word for the sea, Mar. The more prominent the colour blue is the more contrasting the colours are, the more rare and expensive the stone will be.


Larimar’s other known names are Atlantis stone, Dolphin stone, Blue Pectolite and Stefilia’s stone. It brings the wearer healing and soothing energies of Atlantis and the dolphins.


As I’ve already experienced, Larimar has the ability to open Throat Chakra and gives the wearer the courage to express their genuine truth. It also alleviates fears, stress and connects with the Divine Feminine. When wearing Larimar, expect to be shedding relationships and bonds that no longer serve your Higher Self and your purpose in life.


I’ve experienced a very powerful personal transformation while wearing a Larimar pendant, and would highly recommend it to anyone Playful and Positive New Beginning Sunsetstruggling to cut harmful relationship bonds or anyone looking to cleanse their lives of all that no longer serves them in order to attract new positive people and situations that will enable them to embark on a new path of self-fulfilment.




Raw Throat Chakra Healing Aquamarine CrystalI’d also like to focus on Aquamarine stone. It works wonders on Throat Chakra by helping to balance emotions and is a wise choice of ornament once you’ve committed yourself to speaking your inner truth to the best of your abilities. In my eyes, it’s a stone that connects you to your Higher Self and keeps your mind and spirit calm and collected.
Aquamarine is perfect to share with your loved one (if you want to keep them in your life longer than a couple of months that is!). It is seen as the Aquamarine Throat Chakra Healing Crystal Gemultimate ‘commitment’ stone – it shows your devotion and deep caring for your other half, and gives them a sort of promise to share your truth and inner feelings for a lifetime. That explains why so many engagement rings feature Aquamarine.
Alternatively, it symbolises your own commitment to speaking your inner Truth and working in sync with your Higher Self.


Follow your Truth and unleash the Lion within you.

Best of luck! 🙂




Please voice your own opinion or share your own experiences with crystals and crystal chakra healing by clicking on the comment button, I am dying to hear what you folks have to say on the subject! I am also open to suggestions for improving this website and appreciate all feedback.


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Lay Strong Foundations With Root Chakra Crystal Healing

Grounded in Mother EarthLet’s start our chakra journey by making our foundations strong and secure with Root Chakra Crystal Healing and Grounding, clearing of negative energies with White Sage (smudging), and paving the path for the rest of our chakra system to exist in a state of energetic balance.
If there is anything I like to over-do, then it’s grounding and clearing of my Root Chakra (also known as the Base Chakra). Once I’ve secured my foundations, only then can I move upwards my energetic body and find a balance within.
Root Chakra Muladhara Mantra LAMRoot  Chakra or Muladhara is our fundamental chakra enabling our survival and is a representation of our secure and stable home environment, personal security and stability, constantly influencing our confidence levels.
It is located at the tailbone and it provides us with a connection to the material world and a healthy sexual expression.


Lost your head ‘in the clouds’?

Blame it on your blocked Root Chakra!


An under-active Root Chakra can make you experience a disconnectedness from your body to the point where you don’t feel comfortable in it anymore.
Your body is your soul’s vessel for current incarnation and is somethingMother Earth Art that your soul has essentially borrowed from the Earth. At the end of your life, the body you’ve been using will be returned to Mother Earth, but in the meantime, it’s important to return it ‘home’ regularly by grounding it back to its roots.
There are different ways you can do that.
It’s best to try different methods in order to find the one that resonates with you most, or try a combination of them to keep that Root Chakra grounded for good!
 An open Root chakra grounds us to our surroundings and makes us present in the moment.
If your upper chakras are anything like mine and have the tendency to Building Castles in The Sky with Your Head in the Cloudsbe overactive while lower chakras (especially Root Chakra) naturally slip into an under-active state, then you can relate to my struggle with not being present in the Now and focused on the world around me. This is where the expression ‘walking around with your head in the clouds’ comes to mind. And, darn, have I heard THAT too many times!


That’s why regular grounding is CRUCIAL for me to be able to be secure within myself, be comfortable in my own body and my decisions and Self-confidence Joy and Happinessnot shy away from reality. I need to have a strong and clear Root Chakra in order to have the physical, emotional and financial safety that I desire. To me, having a balanced Root Chakra equals being confident in myself and what I do, and once I have that, I can do anything. Including healing the rest of my chakras for complete balance.


If you’re feeling disconnected with the world around you, insecure, nervous, lethargic, or if you’ve been experiencing the need to dominate and manipulate others and your environment, then balancing your Root chakra can be the answer to your problems.


Raw Ruby Root Chakra Healing CrystalSome of the Root chakra crystals that we can use for our Root chakra healing are Ruby, Bloodstone, Hematite, Red Jasper, Garnet and Smoky Quartz. They mostly come in shades of red and black to resonate with the colours of Root Chakra. I would advise healing your chakras with raw crystals as I find them more powerful.



Man of the hour – Smoky Quartz 

Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding stone with colour that varies from transparent to nearly black. It helps release mental blockages, alleviates negativity and acts as a protection against psychic attacks. It has the ability to connect the wearer and their energetic body to the Earth and to their physical rather than spiritual side. That enables them to focus on their physical experiences in this world by improving their consciousness.Raw Smoky Quartz Root Chakra Healing Crystal
When I started discovering chakra healing with crystals I wore a Smoky Quartz necklace, which laid a strong foundation for all my future healing. My Root Chakra resonates powerfully with this specific crystal and it’s helped me immensely with releasing old mental blockages that consisted of low self-confidence, limiting beliefs, negative self-image and negative self-talk.


Once I’ve cleared my Root Chakra with the help of Smoky Quartz, improved its vibration and brightened the colour of it, I was ready to start the rest of the healing process by continuing onto my Sacral Chakra and so on.


I’ve put a lot of work into my lower chakras, which resulted in more control over my emotions and my actions. My mental attitude has gone Peaceful and Satisfied Person in the Sunsetfrom chaotic to ‘cool as a cucumber’. Someone referred to me as that a few months ago, which threw me on my backside completely. I thought they must have been wrong, as I’ve always been scattered all over the place! But what I failed to notice was that by balancing my Root Chakra I have become less emotional, more balanced, peaceful and secure as a person. I felt proud for doing all that hard work and needless to say I am keeping crystals in my life for good! 🙂


Chakra crystal sets

For a quick everyday ‘fix’ I recommend using a set of chakra healing crystals. They’re usually pebble-sized, but you shouldn’t need much Chakra Healing Crystal Setmore than that to work with on a daily basis. They are also quite cheap and you can purchase them together in a packet – all seven chakra healing crystals/stones conveniently ready for you! Perfection.
However, make sure that if you use them quite often to clean them every few days or so in order to eliminate all the energetic residue leftover from your healing sessions. I find that of utmost importance. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals.


To find the method that sits best with you click here.



Negative energetic residue can hide in the smallest of corners so do smudge your living place and your altar at least once a week. Smudging with white sage is a very spiritually cleansing practice, as it clears your aura too (although the smell might not be so popular with the rest of your household).
I’ll take any excuse to perform a ritual involving White Sage or Incense Smudging with White Sagesticks – I find it obligatory when moving into a new place (and I’ve moved A LOT this year!) in order to reset the room’s ‘memory’ and infuse it with my positive energies.


To find out more about your Root Chakra and its corresponding crystals click here.


Enjoy building your foundations, brick by brick! 🙂



Please voice your own opinion or share your own experiences with crystals and crystal chakra healing by clicking on the comment button, I am dying to hear what you folks have to say on the subject! I am also open to suggestions for improving this website and appreciate all feedback.

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