Product Details: Information and Meditation On The Twelve Chakras  by Diana Cooper 
 Best Deal: $8.99 (MP3 Album)


This MP3 album contains a great deal of information about the twelve chakra system. I’m a sucker for guided meditations and have listened to many of them over the past few years. Some of the stuff I find on YouTube is cringe-worthy, and a few of them are amazing and really make a difference in someone’s life when listened to regularly. This recording is pure gold for a simple reason: there isn’t that much info on 12 chakra system out there! I highly recommend listening to the whole album for in-depth knowledge of the 12 chakra system and to re-connect with your very own 12 chakras energetic system. Diana Cooper has a soothing voice that nearly rocks you to sleep and enables your subconscious to open up and receive all this information that your soul already knows. This recording has been a necessary tool on the road to spiritual ascension that so many people have been experiencing lately.


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