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Welcome to my website!
One thing is for sure: I am a firm believer in the healing power of crystals and tend to get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about them… much like being in love.
So why not spread it?
Spela Profile PictureI created this site to provide a go-to platform for anyone interested in healing their chakras with crystals, and for anyone else looking to learn more about mindful living. Too many times have I found myself going through websites looking for a specific piece of information, consequently losing hours of my precious time! I’m hoping to make things easier for you by gathering everything there is to know about chakra healing crystals and mindfulness under one roof.


PIsces Star Sign Drawing AstrologyI am a Pisces, so I tend to do a lot of daydreaming while performing my everyday tasks (many times resulting in walking into street poles and wardrobes, of all things!). One of my biggest dreams is to live in a harmonious society where people finally embrace the existence of their energetic and spiritual bodies and start perceiving themselves as divine beings full of love and light…Because that’s exactly what we are. Every single one of us!



Young Happy Person in the NatureBut unfortunately, many people’s chakras are either underactive or overactive and need to be healed on a regular basis to maintain the balance within and live in a healthy mental and physical state. Most people ignore their chakras and wander the world wondering why they can’t be happy and healthy. Of course, a big chunk of the answer lies within their energetic imbalance.


Before I continue with my story that urged me to create this website, I’d like to encourage you to express your opinion as we go along about anything on this site that you love or not love so much. Just click the comment button below and bring out your most honest self. I really appreciate your feedback and accept it with arms wide open.


So, without further ado…


My Road to ‘Happy’

I was the happiest child under this sun it seemed but struggled immensely as a teenager and young adult.
I had extremely depressing thoughts, lacked in confidence, suffered from severe migraines, low self-esteem and an extremely negative self-image.
My shyness and constant blushing made me want to pull a permanent curtain of hair over my face to escape the never-ending embarrassment (the irony is I just couldn’t grow enough hair!).


Even though I had amazing friends, my negative mental state was
 holding me back from enjoying my life and fulfilling my potential.


I was missing great opportunities one by one!


I knew my happy inner child was dying to come out to the surface again, but I just couldn’t express who I truly was.
Frustration, pain and unhappiness followed me like own shadow for years.


I believe it’s safe to say I read nearly every self-help book out there, and not just once! I was attracting poisonous relationships that buried my inner child completely.  I tried counselling, yoga, meditation, positive Peaceful Mountain Meditationaffirmations, even tarot, but something deep inside was still preventing me to stick with these activities. I’ve had soooo much knowledge about helping myself but failed to put it into practice. By that time, I’ve realised how significant balanced chakras are for mental and physical well-being.
What I needed was something potent to sort out my highly neglected and blocked chakra system.


My New Crystal Clear Beginning

Healing Crystals in the Nature
It was a beautiful necklace that introduced me to the world of healing crystals, which finally completed my ‘happy mind – happy me’ puzzle.


I named it “The Happiness Necklace” (if only there was such a thing!). This Smoky Quartz necklace came pretty close to such description. I noticed an increase in my confidence in a matter of days (Smoky Quartz resonates with Root Chakra and helps one feel secure and grounded in their bodies).


After researching the crystals and the effects they have on chakras, I realised that healing my chakras with crystals could finally help me release my mental blockages.


And so it did.

Now, at the age of 26, my life is full of crystals. I use them to enhance my thoughts of gratitude before I go to sleep, I spray crystal infused Healing Crystals and Gemstones in a bowlfragrances on myself and wear beautiful crystal jewellery that helps me focus throughout the day. But most importantly I use my crystals to clear my chakras and meditate on them by placing a set of chakra healing stones on my body when I feel out of balance. Which can be quite often (being a Pisces, my emotions overpower me on most occasions).


Over the years I came to realise that our energetic bodies and the Chi (the life force) that flows through our chakras are the very foundations of our existence and well-being. If they’re out of balance, then our mind and bodies are not functioning as intended.


Our lives are getting busier and busier, and there is so much expected of us! We have to learn to stop and take care of our foundations first. YouMindful Hippie in a field wouldn’t start building a house by laying the roof first, would you? There is so much potential for greatness and happiness in every single one of us! We just have to get down to the basics first.
I have established a routine for myself that starts early in the morning with a healthy vegan breakfast, chanting, positive affirmations and a yoga practice. It took me years to find the right combination of mindful activities to still my mind, control my emotions and essentially my life.


Amazing things and opportunities flow to me naturally these days. Painful things still happen to me, but I accept them for what they are and Balanced Chakras Living in the Nowlive with the pain – quite happily. 🙂 That’s the beautiful thing about life – it’s a mixture of good and bad, yin and yang.
It’s perfect balance.
I find it essential to complement my mindful practice with crystal healing, as it helps me focus my intentions even more, and focus is much needed in the successful creation of a happy and abundant life.


I am convinced there’s a lot of you out there that share my thoughts on this subject, or might have had a similar experience in life.
Maybe you’re still right in the middle of your stormy times. That’s one more reason to contact me or leave a comment.
I am constantly updating and improving the site with relevant latest information, so make sure you subscribe!
Feel free to ask questions related to self-development, health and spirituality and I will do my very best to assist.
At the end of the day, we are all on this planet to help one another! 🙂


Sunset Earth Meditation



I am an affiliate marketer, which means that every time you purchase a crystal or any other product by following a link from my website I get a small commission – that way you support my efforts and enable me to create more content, post regular updates and help me spread the love of crystals, for which I am eternally grateful!


And so are the crystals, I hope:)

Chakra Healing Crystals and Stones


Follow the light and smile on!

All my love,
Spela 🙂


Founder of Crystal Clear Chakras
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