Crown Chakra Symbol
LOCATION: Top of the skull
ELEMENT: The Cosmos
COLOUR: Violet
SYMBOL: A 1000 petal lotus flower
MANTRA: AUM (sounds like OM)
ORGANS: Skin, upper skull, cerebral cortex
PLANT: Lotus flower
ESSENTIAL OILS: Lotus, lavender, violet, elemi


Identity Questions and Mid Life CrisisFor most people, their Crown chakra or SAHASRARA starts opening up in their forties in the form of a mid-life crisis. This is the point where they start questioning who they’ve been portraying their whole lives and who they really are. They start following their Higher Self and the path they should have taken in order to fulfil their potential and become their authentic selves.


Crown chakra opens up with maturity and after we’ve been through challenging times and have gotten to know ourselves better.


We have no other choice but to cope with whatever life throws at us. Resilience and inner strength come at times when we feel like we can’t go on anymore and everything is going wrong.


I’m sure many of us have come to a point where we are certain we can’t Sunshine white flower meadowcope.
But then we do.
We take it moment by moment, day by day until we reach the other side where we can notice the beauty of the sunshine again.
Even if just for a little while.
We know we’ve made it through the unbearable, and things can only get better.
And then we stop for a while and can’t help but feel like superhumans – if we can get through such pain and emerge as an improved version of ourselves, then what else are we capable of?!


I’m not suggesting we expose ourselves to as much suffering as possible in order to grow as a person. I’m a firm believer in regular journeying outside of our comfort zones, as that really does shape us into stronger beings, but extreme emotional pain can sometimes be paralysing and can take us to dark places of no return.


Violet Lotus FlowerOn that note, bare in mind Crown chakra cannot be forced open.
Like a lotus flower, it will open up once an individual is ready.
Through it, one can access divine love, light and healing, but has to balance the chakra by giving the body what it needs; plenty of rest, exercise and mindful activities such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, etc.



Meditation BuddhaThis centre releases endorphins during previously mentioned activities, and the result is a more positive outlook on life. Endorphins help us numb the emotional pain and we feel well-equipped for whatever life brings our way.


We exist in a state of unconditional love, accepting of ourselves and others and filled with gratitude. We realise how important it is to feed our mind with positive thoughts and call abundance into our lives by practising gratitude on a daily basis.


In such a divine state, Ego decides to step down and let compassion take over. We feel connected to everyone, as we know we ARE the Universe. Our intuition is working at full speed, and we listen to our bodies. All of a sudden, all we really want is to be surrounded by beauty and truth, and people that promote that.

Violet sunset



Most of us have been feeling a strong energetic shift for a few years now. People have started developing their higher chakras (especially Crown chakra) way earlier than adults in the past.


A lot of individuals in their twenties now have a more developed Crown chakra (and with it their whole consciousness) than most adults in their forties.
Child Caring for Animals Cow UmbrellaNevertheless, at this time in the world, most people’s consciousness has taken off into spiritual realms, and despite all the impersonal technology we have started to accept that we are all One. The results are visible. More and more vegans are emerging because of ascended morality and more and more people flee to the arms of nature.


Group Meditation in the NatureWe’re returning to our roots because the fast-paced Western way of living has exhausted us and left us depressed. Of course, we can’t state that for everyone, some people love to live in such way. That’s why variety is a great thing!
There are crazy and unimaginable horrors happening every day, and we can’t change that. But we can spread unconditional love and understanding towards everyone and everything. And that is by far the most powerful weapon one can have.


Now, imagine millions of people using that…


“They may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

– John Lennon


John Lennon's Imagine




♦ Obsession with spirituality to the point of neglecting worldly duties.
♦ General obsessive thoughts.
♦ Constant living in the past or thinking about the future.
♦ Lacking in spiritual awareness.
♦ Selfishness and rigidness.
♦ Meaningless existence, lacking in joy.
♦ Lack of values, clouded morals.
♦ Depression, unable to see the bigger picture in life.
♦ A feeling of unworthiness.
♦ Disconnected from spiritual guidance.


Violet Candle Crown Chakra
There are many ways to heal, clear and balance your chakras. If done regularly, it can bring outstanding results and a happier and healthier life. Find out how to give your chakras some well-deserved lovin’ on my Chakra Healing Methods page.




 Clear Quartz EarringsOne of my favourite ways of clearing my chakras is working with crystals. They are by far the strongest aid when it comes to chakra balancing, as they can tap into the energies of a specific chakra and raise its vibration. AND…They can be worn as jewellery (YAY!) or placed around your living space (great protective ornaments!) to bring out the best in you.


It is essential to start chakra clearing and balancing from your Root Chakra, you can find more information on laying strong chakra healing foundations here.


Ensure you’ve cleansed your crystals before use. There are various ways of doing that effectively, it’s best to try out a few different methods to see which one of them resonates with you and your crystals best.



Crown Chakra is associated with the colour white or violet/purple, therefore the stones and crystals that we use to heal and improve the vibration of this chakra come in white/clear or purple shades.


Indian Ritual HeaddressWorking with crystals and practising stillness can help us connect to the Universe and the Divine.
Located at the crown of the head, this chakra is considered highly sacred as our gateway to the world of spirituality in various religions and chakra healing practices, hence the use of crowns and other ritual headwear (protection for Crown chakra area).


Alexandrite Green and PurpleALEXANDRITE  is where the term alexandrite effect’  is derived from. This crystal has the ability to change colour (makes it even more magical!), so it can be green in daylight and light red in artificial light. It’s the symbol of royal power and it aids regeneration as well as acts as an enhancer for self-respect and personal magnetism. With its two ‘faces’ it helps you see the problem from both sides and connects your mind and heart in order to make the right decision.


Amethyst Raw crystalAMETHYST  is known for its soothing properties and a warm stimulation for the mind and emotions. It’s highly valued for its passionate and creative, yet grounded and logical energies. It surrounds the wearer with a bright protective light and enables them to practise spiritual work without earthly distractions. It’s been known as the stone that prevents over-indulgence, keeps a sane and sober mind and controls evil thoughts.


Clear Quartz raw crystalCLEAR QUARTZ is the perfect chakra opening stone. It has the power to amplify energies and increase the vibration of your intentions. Clear Quartz is known as having its own memory and is a powerful aid in communicating with your spirit guides and angels. Use it to expand your consciousness or simply to aid the growth of your hair and fingernails!


Herkimer DiamondHERKIMER DIAMOND is a rare crystal, the most powerful of all Quartz crystals. They act as great transmitters of Universal Life Force. Its healing properties make it perfect to use during meditation and in dream work. It’s a wonderful stone for bringing people together and attuning them to each other or their environment. Similarly to Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond has its own memory too, in which we are able to store information and retrieve it at a later time.


KyaniteKYANITE(Blue or Indigo) is a perfect crystal for a swift alignment of all chakras. They come as powerful healers in any colour or shape and have the ability to aid recovery from an incident, accident or surgery. Its potency makes it a great addition to achieving deep meditative states. Kyanite doesn’t need cleansing as it does not hold or absorb any external energies, which makes it a suitable tool for clearing the rest of the crystals with.


MuscoviteMUSCOVITE is an excellent problem-solving stone, perfect for students, as it can help focus all parts of your mind. It’s also known as a great tool for soothing any side effects from the activation of your psychic powers. If you struggle with being present in the moment, clumsiness, dyspraxia or left-right confusion, then this is the stone for you. Not to mention, its appearance is quite special and unlike anything else!


SeleniteSELENITE acts a connection to the Divine Light which aids personal transformation. Its silky structure is a feast for the eyes, it has the ability to take you to higher realms, can help you cleanse your aura of negative blocks and is great for accessing abilities dormant from your previous lives. One of the absolute magical favourites!


White Jade ornamentWHITE JADE is known as the positive programming stone for the mind. It eases a potentially over-whelming feeling when accessing the higher realms. It’s a very calming stone and it soothes your spiritual transformation, making it safe and enjoyable. Use it in dream work to gain deeper insight into your psyche.


Other Crown chakra healing crystals include Diamond, Charoite, Herderite, Howlite, Labradorite, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Natrolite, Purple Amethyst, Sugilite, Tanzanite, White Heulandite.


Feel free to choose a stone to work with that you’re attracted to most.
Your intuition knows best🙂



You can read about how crystals are used to heal chakras
on this page.





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