Crystal Cleansing and Energizing


Newly acquired or frequently used crystals need to be cleansed of energetic residue before being used for healing and chakra balancing Purple Crystals Amethystpurposes.


In some cases, it’s highly beneficial to charge them energetically once cleansed and infuse them with new intentions depending on your desired outcome.
Crystals tend to absorb the wearer’s energy, and for this precise reason, it’s highly advisable not to let others touch your cleansed crystals and stones.


Also, it’s good to remember that even if the crystals have been left lying around for a while, they haven’t stopped doing what they do best: absorb energy. So, if you’ve been releasing what no longer serves you (even unknowingly) in relatively close proximity to the crystals, chances are these energies have found themselves a new inhabitant in a crystal form.


For example, I’ve stored my raw Smoky Quartz crystal that I used years ago for some intense chakra healing in a box, that was left opened most days. During those years I went through a huge personal transformation Quartz Skullsand all the negative energies, self-limiting beliefs and pain that I’ve shed were released into the space around me.
When I found this crystal again, it seemed a few shades darker and murkier and I could feel the negativity emanating from it when I held it.


I could’ve cleaned the crystal and re-used it for future healing, but it was something about the fact that my negative old self was stored in that crystal, that I decided to throw it away as a symbol of letting go of the past.


I realise some crystal enthusiasts might find such practice controversial, but at the end of the day, you have to follow what feels good for you and screw what others may think of you. 🙂


However, for other crystals that are being used on a regular basis, I’ll explain a few of my favourite simple yet effective ways to clean your crystals of any energetic residue.


Tarot ALtar CrystalsI highly recommend using a little side table which you can transform into an altar. That way you can always re-use it for future rituals and you can safely store your crystals, candles and other things that you consider sacred. It’s very beneficial to decorate it in any way you want to make it more attractive, ‘special’ and essentially your own.
Hopefully, that will discourage others from touching your crystals and messing up your energies! 🙂




Smudging has been used since ancient times in various cultures and religions but we mostly recognise it from traditional Native American Native Americans SMudging Ritualrituals, in which the Shaman would use it to purify and cleanse the body, mind, spirit, objects and spaces of negative energies.


They would use dried sacred herbs and incense such as White Sage, Cedar, Copal, Sweetgrass, Juniper, Lavander, Mugwort, Yerba Santa, etc. and burn them to create a purifying smoke which is then directed at the object, person or space with a feather.



If you’re a fan of cleansing rituals then the following one might just take your fancy.


You will need:

♦ A smudge stick of your chosen herb (White Sage seems to be the most common one – and the smell is not too overpowering).

♦ A large feather or a hand (your own preferably 😀 )

Abalone Shell smudging

♦ A bowl made from a natural material which can withstand the heat (such as abalone shell, cast-iron, soapstone bowl).

♦ A candle and (of course) a lighter or a match.

♦ Your spiritual notebook (optional) to write down what you’ll be saying during the ceremony.


I tend to change what I say with every smudging ritual depending on what I’m trying to achieve, and it’s always better to write and repeat your own words for a more personable effect. Just ask yourself about your intention and what would you like to achieve with this ritual, and then simply write it down.


Here’s an intention example that I use to smudge myself, the space around me and my crystals (feel free to borrow it):


“Cleanse me/this room/this crystal of all energies that I no longer need,

and replace them with new energies that will

serve my Highest Purpose.”


White Sage Smudge SticksBefore you begin, ensure you’ve opened up your window to let some of the air in. At the end of the day, you will be releasing smoke into your room, so make sure to keep that smudge stick away from fire alarms.


Unless noise is your thing! 😛

1. Light your smudge stick with a candle and place it in a bowl. You might have to gently fan the flames out, so the only thing coming out of your smudge stick is smoke.
2. Put the bowl on the ground and step over it to cleanse yourself first. Pick the bowl with the smudge stick up and move it up and down the length of your body while fanning the smoke towards your body with the feather. Whilst doing that, recite your intention as many times as you feel the need to:


“Cleanse me of all energies that I no longer need and replace them with new energies that will serve my Highest Purpose.”


Feel free to stop for a while at your face and visualise cleaning your face with smoke as if it’s water. Picture this smoke cleaning all negative and stale energies out of your body. See your negative feelings, resentments and limiting self-beliefs escaping your body and new, bright, positive light inhabiting the freed up space within you.
3. I recommend cleansing the space of any residue energy too by repeating your intention while moving around the room with the bowl containing lit smudge stick in your hand and spreading the smoke around with the feather or your hand(don’t forget those hidden corners!):


“Cleanse this room of all energies that I no longer need and replace them with new energies that will serve my Highest Purpose.”


Keep on repeating this intention as many times as it takes for you to finish smudging the room.
4. And finally, place your bowl on your altar or on the ground. You might have to light your smudge stick again by now, perfect if not! Take your crystal and run it through the smoke, I like to turn mine around to ensure the smoke doesn’t miss any spots. 🙂 Repeat your cleansing intention until you can FEEL that the crystal has been cleansed:


“Cleanse this crystal of all leftover energies and replace them with new energies that will serve my Highest Purpose.”


Feel free to improvise with the words, whatever feels right to you.
Lit SMudge Stick5. Now for the most important part: make sure you’ve put out the smudge stick by pressing it down hard until there is ABSOLUTELY NO MORE smoke coming out of it. Some people like to throw the used stick out (best to return it to nature by burying it), but I found that way too wasteful.
I would recommend disassembling the smudge stick and splitting it in half. Then you can use that one half of the stick and rinse the ashes down the drain as a mean of letting go of old energies.
Light your candle out.


Thank yourself and the Universe for a job well done. 🙂


There are many ways of performing this ritual, but this is by far my favourite and most simple one.
Again, it’s by trying out different methods and making the ritual your own that will enable you to reap the full benefits of smudging.




Salt has been known to have purifying
Sea Saltqualities, perfect for cleaning out unwanted energies from crystals, and even toxins from our bodies.
Fasting with lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper is well documented to release the toxins and it’s by drinking salted water that we can flush them out for good.


Salt can be used to cleanse crystals in many ways:

1. Immersing the crystal in dry salt.
You can put multiple crystals that need cleansing in a glass vessel half-filled with sea salt and bury them in the salt or place them on top. Leave them in the vessel for as long as you feel the need to. It’s best to leave them overnight, or even a few days if they’ve been used for a more intense healing session. Salt will have absorbed leftover energies so make sure to throw it away after single use.


2. Dry salt cleansing without a direct contact.
This is a method perfect for some crystals that would otherwise be damaged by salt and crystals merged with metal in a form of jewellery.
Dry Salt in a glassFill a glass bowl half full of sea salt and half-bury a smaller glass vessel in the middle of it. Place your crystals in the smaller vessel and leave them in for a few days, depending on the amount of leftover energies that they carry. You can also pour some water into the smaller vessel with crystals to prevent salty air from damaging them in any way, but be wary of the crystals that shouldn’t be submerged in water.


3. Submerging the crystal in seawater or salted water.
Use seawater or mix some sea salt with water in a glass cup. Place your crystals in the glass and leave them submerged between 1 hour to a few days. When done, rinse crystals under running water to remove salt from their surface. Make sure you pour the leftover salted water down the drain, as its full of extracted negative energies. Never re-use the water!
This is a pretty straightforward method, the only downfall of it is that it can’t be used for the following crystals as well as any other raw crystals, as it can damage them:
Amber, Angelite, Azurite, Calcite, Hematite, Imperial Topaz, Kyanite, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Opal, Pyrite, Red Coral, Turquoise, etc. 



Malachite in its raw state is toxic if ingested because of its high level of copper sulphate! Cautiously use water only when cleaning this stone as it can damage its coating. Dry it in the sun for a short amount of time, long exposure to sun rays can damage it too. Other methods excluding salt and salted water also work well with Malachite.




Powerful mind creationOne of the more ‘mental’ and fuss-free ways of cleansing your crystals is doing it with the power of your mind.
Our minds are a mighty tool when it comes to manifesting by visualising desired outcomes. Our vivid imaginations used in visualisations really are the key to success, as Law of Attraction teaches us.


It’s only fair to believe that we can change the vibration of the crystal with our focused minds.


This is a super easy crystal cleansing method. All you have to do is place the crystal in your hand and focus all of your attention on it. You can look at it or keep your eyes closed, whichever helps you focus and still your mind more. I also call on the help from the Universe and my Spirit Guides to bring forth a bright white light.
Glass ball in hand black and whiteFocus on this white light and picture it surrounding your crystal, coming from the Universe right through the middle of the crystal, cleansing it of all dark and stale energies that you can see pouring from the bottom of the crystal until gone completely. Only finish this process once you feel and see no more negative energy coming from the stone.
Thank the Universe, yourself and everyone else involved in this process for enabling you to perform the cleanse.


Your crystal is now ready to be energized.



You might want to re-energize your cleansed crystals so that they’re ready to emit their natural energies.
I prefer the Native American way of touching the crystals and infusing them with my own energy, and find them working perfectly fine without having to re-energize them, but for all of you that wouldn’t like to skip this step, here are a few methods of energising your crystals:


I find moonlight’s energy absolutely bewitching and charge my Full Moon Gatheringcrystal (and myself) under it every Full Moon when it’s at its most potent. Moonbeams will infuse your crystals with a more gentle and subtle energy, perfect for balancing emotions, your life and for a more calming presence. Needless to say, Moonstone Full Moon re-energizing is a must to unlock its fullest potential.


The best thing about the Moon is, you can follow its cycles and re-energize your crystals accordingly. For example, New Moon is when intentions should be set, so exposing your crystals to moonbeams at that time will infuse them with corresponding energies. Use these crystals in your moon cycle rituals.




Similarly to the Moonlight, keep your crystals exposed to the sun rays if you’re after a stronger masculine energy, but be careful not to damage them by exposing them to the rays for too long. Early morning and late afternoon sun should do the trick.


Water Stream in the natureIf you’ve used salted water to cleanse your crystals then you already know that the final step includes running water. This is a perfect way to re-energize them as well as to clean them. You can also submerge them in a stream somewhere in nature, but keep a hold of them so they don’t swim away with the fishes! 🙂



Keep exploring what feels best for you and make space for some trial and error. The results, such as your improved well-being, will be worth it in the end! 🙂


Happy cleansing! 😉




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