Location: At the centre of the chest
Heart Chakra SymbolElement: Air
Colour: Green and Pink 
Symbol: A circle with 12 petals and two intersecting triangles forming a hexagram
Mantra: YAM
Organs: Heart, lungs, blood circulation
Physical Activities: Massage, Reiki, Yoga, dancing, walking
Plant: Rose, carnation, lily, foxglove
Essential Oils: Carnation, rose, lily of the valley


Heart Chakra or ANAHATA is the centre of a human energy system, where all the life force is kept alive by flowing through our bodies in the same way our blood does. It’s located near Thymus, a gland which operates our immune system.


Carved Green Wooden heartWith age and experience, we have the ability to learn how to love everyone and everything unconditionally and live by the sacred rules of the Universe. Unity and brotherhood reside in our Heart Chakra, and we can keep it healthy and balanced by realising we are all one, there is no ‘other’.
Our Heart Chakra’s main concern is the experience of real love rather than temporary material joys. The Heart Chakra is partially open in our early childhood, and we are able to practice unconditional love towards ourselves and others without even realising it. With time chakra closes down, as we adapt to societal norms and learn to love selectively.
Having Children Settling downFor many people, the Heart Chakra starts re-opening around the age of 28 when a person reaches a certain level of maturity. They begin seeking real experiences, such as having children and settling down into a loving relationship.
People with an open Heart Chakra cultivate self-love, radiate warmth and are accepting of themselves and others. They have the ability to make others feel like they matter and feel loved despite their imperfections.



If you’re a frequent flyer then I’m sure you’re more than acquainted with the safety procedures on the aircraft.


One of them involves placing an oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others, the reason being you might run out of oxygen if you’re busy putting a mask on someone else first.
And if you DO run out before completing your attempt to help someone so selflessly… well you kind of kill the both of you.
As harsh as it sounds, you need to keep yourself alive first to help others live too. And they’ve probably put their own mask on before you got a chance to help them anyway.


Pure and unconditional love plays by the same rules. You have to love yourself first to be able to love someone else.


Cultivating self loveNow, that’s all well and good, but loving oneself sounds A LOT easier said than done. Even when one thinks they’ve been loving themselves in one area of their lives, they discover a hidden programming deep inside the subconscious that borders on self-hatred in another area of their lives.


Whenever I feel like I’m losing love for myself and negative thoughts start to infiltrate my mind I reach for my ‘Love Bible’. It’s a brilliant book titled The Power of Unconditional Love by Ken Keyes, Jr., and it introduces a fresh perspective on love, self-love, relationships and attachment. You’ll never think of love in the same way as you did before you read the book, as it helps you understand it on a whole new level.


Loving and accepting oneself COMPLETELY is a long and difficult process, but if we take each moment as it comes and ask ourselves


What can I do to love myself next?


regularly, then we’re definitely on the right track. Let’s show patience to our bodies and minds.



You are exactly where you need to be right now.





If you find yourself experiencing any of the symptoms below then you might want to clear and balance your Heart Chakra.
♦ ‘Losing yourself’ in relationships
♦ Inability to set clear boundaries in relationships
♦ Increased co-dependency
♦ Endless giving even if that means neglecting one’s own needs
♦ Tolerating too much in all types of relationships
♦ Putting others before oneself
♦ High blood pressure, prone to heart attacks


♦ Living in the ‘loner’ mentality
♦ Inability to connect with others
♦ Very resentful, finding it hard to forgive
♦ Not a fan of touching others or being touched
♦ Lack of caring for others and lack of empathy
♦ Selfishness – always putting yourself first no matter what
♦ Disregarding of own healing powers


Green candle heart chakraIt only takes one imbalanced chakra for your entire energetic body to be out of balance, but in most cases, there is more than one chakra that needs to be healed.
There are many ways to heal, clear and balance your chakras. If done regularly, it can bring outstanding results and a happier and healthier life. Find out how to give your chakras some well-deserved lovin’ on my Chakra Healing Methods page.




One of my favourite ways of clearing chakras is working with crystals. They are by far the strongest aid when it comes to chakra balancing, Jade Lapis jewelleryas they can tap into the energies of a specific chakra and raise its vibration. AND…They can be worn as jewellery (YAY!) or placed around your living space (great protective ornaments!) to bring out the best in you.


It is essential to start your chakra clearing and balancing at your Root Chakra, you can find more information on laying strong chakra healing foundations here.


Ensure you’ve cleansed your crystals before use. There are various ways of doing this effectively, it’s best to try out a few different methods to see which one of them resonates with you and your crystals best.




Crystals that resonate with Heart Chakra enable us to live from the very bottom of our heart, let go of fear and love unconditionally. The best crystals for healing Heart Chakra are coloured green, pink or both. They help promote self-love as one of the most important types of love one can experience and link the wearer with Nature. It’s impossible to offer love if we haven’t got love inside of us to give in the first place.
Self Love ChildOn the other hand, it’s really easy for some to keep on giving and not receiving much in return. Such excessive giving has the potential to exhaust our supplies of self-love completely, that’s why keeping a balance when it comes to giving and receiving is so important, and crystals have the power to help us keep that balance intact.


Diamond Crystal heart chakraDIAMOND makes a perfect engagement or wedding ring, hence its popularity. They are a symbol of purity and have the ability to strengthen relationships and bring love and clarity into them. They also symbolise commitment and fidelity. They can be on a slightly more expensive side but are a great tool to make your life full and whole. Its vibrations are extremely high and the crystal itself carries illuminating properties. They are known as the projectors of our energies into the world around us, so make sure to remain positive while wearing a Diamond, as it will also enhance your projection of negativity.
Green Tourmaline heart chakraGREEN TOURMALINE/VERDELITE is known as the vitality stone with outstanding healing properties for opening up Heart Chakra. Anyone undergoing extreme physical activity would benefit highly from it.  This stone is known to connect us to the healing energies of Nature and supply us with an unlimited amount of energy, strength and courage. It works wonders when healing emotional wounds surrounding a father/male figure. It’s also great to use during meditation in Nature. One of most fascinating facts about Green Tourmaline is when rubbed between hands it becomes electrically charged, which enables it to attract small particles onto itself.
Jade Chinese figurine heart chakra crystalJADE is a protective stone that symbolises wisdom and enables us to reach out to the spiritual world. It’s also known as the friendship stone and it’s best used to receive answers in your dreams. Meditate on it before bedtime and ask for guidance in your dream world. It’s got the ability to dispel negativity and unveil the wearer their true selves, as well as calm the nerves.


peridot crystal heart chakraPERIDOT is a mental and physical regeneration stone, known to enhance mental clarity and a provide us with a fresh new perspective by sharpening and refocusing the mind. It’s perfect for helping you find and follow your purpose in life, as well as providing assistance in Reiki healing. Use it to break free from undesired repetitive cycles in your life caused by limiting self-beliefs. Peridot comes from the Earth but is also found on other planets in the space.
Rose Quartz heart chakra crystalROSE QUARTZ is a wonderfully gentle stone for both the eye and the energetic body. It resonates with our Higher Heart Chakra (our centre of Divine Love). This is a crystal symbolising unconditional love, which connects you to the Divine and enhances feelings of peace, warmth and compassion. It’s a strong yet gentle healer of emotional wounds, known to dispel fears, doubts and resentments. It also has the potential to bring more romance into your life, if desired.


Other Heart Chakra healing crystals include Emerald, Green Aventurine, Green Calcite, Green Kyanite, Green Moonstone, Green Uvarovite Garnet, Lithium Quartz, Malachite, Pink Datolite, Pink Nirvana Quartz, Seriphos Green Quartz, Star Ruby.



Feel free to choose a stone to work with that you’re attracted to most.
Your intuition knows best🙂


You can read about how crystals are used to heal chakras
on this page.





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