How To Heal Chakras With Crystals?


Healing stones and gemsThere are various ways to influence your chakras with crystals. Some of your chakras might need a lot of attention and many healing sessions, while others might need a gentle nudge to re-balance and align them. Whatever it is that your chakras need, there are different crystal chakra healing methods for it.


Before there’s any sort of crystal healing being presented to your chakras, it is of utmost importance to cleanse your crystals, especially if they’re new or if they haven’t been used for a while, as they tend to store old negative energy that’s been passed to them either by you or someone else.


Once you’ve cleansed and charged your crystals try to establish which chakras need healing or re-balancing. You can find that out comparing your symptoms to the symptoms of a specific under-active or over-active chakra found under chakra information on Chakras and Crystals page.



Another way which I find to be most reliable, is to lie down, close your eyes, relax, and visualise your chakras as spinning balls of energy in their co-responding colours one by one starting at your Root Chakra.


♦ Which chakras seem darker and spin slower than the rest? These are your under-active chakras.
♦ Which chakras seem really bright and spinning too fast, almost out of control? These are your over-active chakras.


Chakra ArtThis exercise might seem a bit silly at first, as you’ll probably feel like there’s no way you can rely on your own interpretation of the condition of your chakras, but this is just a limiting belief, best left on the side.
In fact, your body and your sub-conscious know best, so trust yourself and listen to the images you receive. They ARE correct.
Next, you can satisfy the well-organised side of yourself (if applicable) by making a list of chakras that need balancing and take a note of those chakras that you feel are heavily blocked and need extra healing.
And away we go… 🙂



Stay lying down on a flat surface and focus on your breathing to calm your mind and body. Start with deep breaths in through your nose and exhale slowly out through your mouth then continue with your normal breathing.


I highly recommend grounding yourself before you begin the healing Angkor Rootsby picturing strong roots coming from the base of your body and going down all the way through the Earth’s crust and mantle to embed themselves deeply in the very core of Mother Earth. Imagine yourself standing tall and so deeply rooted in the ground that no wind can move you.


Then, focus on the chakra that needs healing, take its corresponding crystal and place it on top of the chakra while lying down.


For example, if you feel a strong imbalance in your Solar Plexus Chakra, you can place Tiger’s Eye on top of it for 10-20 mins or as long as you feel the need to. Witness the power of the crystal raising your chakra’s vibration and healing it on a deeper level. See your chakra spinning brightly, infused with the qualities of the used crystal.


Rose Quartz Raw CrystalYou can continue placing corresponding crystals on the rest of the chakras that you feel need healing.


If you’ve never done chakra healing before, I would recommend healing all of your chakras first by starting at your Root chakra with appropriate crystals and then sorting out the imbalances by aligning your chakras on a daily basis with a chakra stone set.



Are great for balancing your entire chakra system, as they are easy to use and are usually sold in sets, making it very convenient and affordable.


Chakra stones and symbolsChakra balancing sets come equipped with all seven chakra stones, quite small so they can all fit in a pouch, which enables them to be kept together, are easily transportable and protected. Many sets include a small chakra chart explaining which stones to put on which chakra, making it very useful if you’re a complete beginner.


I find chakra balancing sets suitable for gentle balancing work – perfect if you wish to balance your chakra system on a daily basis or once you notice you’re struggling to focus, are more prone to negative thinking, stress and feel unlike yourself.
I’d advise the set to only be used after all the chakras (or at least the ones that needed healing) have been healed and are more or less in alignment.
Kyanite Point PendantAnother way to quickly bring all your chakras in alignment is to present your energetic body with Kyanite, which is known as a quick balance fix. Then feel free to perform individual chakra healing with crystals.


You can also create your own chakra balancing set by choosing tumble stones (or more powerful raw crystals) for all seven chakras that you feel drawn to, but do check which stones are appropriate for which chakras. This is a very powerful way to get more out of chakra balancing, as you’ve been guided to your chosen crystals, making energies that work on your chakras a lot more potent.


Selenite pendulumOther chakra balancing methods come in the form of crystal wands and pendulums which are usually used for specific chakra healing but can also be bought in sets. They tend to be stronger than chakra stones, as they can be pointed into a specific chakra for a more direct healing effect.




Amber Pendants Sacral Chakra Healing CrystalWearing crystal jewellery can have an amazing effect on your chakra healing. It provides a constant stream of healing energy to your energetic body if worn most of the time or placed within your close proximity.
Crystal jewellery can also act as an amplifier of certain chakra energies, which makes them a great manifesting companion.


Specific chakra enhancing jewellery

It’s very beneficial for the wearer to have crystals that resonate with a specific chakra being kept as close as possible to that chakra in order to enhance it, heal it and keep it open. For example, Amethyst is great in the form of earrings, as that keeps them close to your Crown Chakra.


Raw crystals make beautiful jewellery as they’re usually handcrafted and Quartz Earringskept in their natural shape and roughness, which creates an even more potent chakra activating energy.
We’re drawn to crystal jewellery that our energetic system needs for better functioning, so even if you’re not sure which crystals you’re wearing (but you bought them because they looked pretty), do a little research to find out what it is that they heal.
They might be a sign of a certain quality that you have to work on developing, you might find out more about which chakras need attention or what lurks inside of your subconscious and is asking to be brought to daylight to be healed once and for all. 🙂


Chakra balancing jewellery

Chakra balancing jewellery comes in various shapes and forms. What they all consist of are seven chakra crystals embed in a pendant, bracelet, earrings, etc. By including all seven chakra stones the wearer experiences a sense of well-being and balance, as it acts as an aid for keeping your chakras aligned at all times.
Crystal wand pendants also make a very popular accessory, as they do look rather stunning!



The best way of taking care of your chakras is to use a combination of crystal healing methods. Some of your chakras might be more prone to moving out of balance, while others might naturally stay balanced and open. For the ones that you have to keep your eyes on its best to heal them individually with corresponding crystals quite regularly or whenever you feel the need to, while the rest of your chakras could be pretty happy with a daily gentle stone set balancing.


Zen Stone Balance


Don’t be afraid to mix & match to find what feels good for you! 🙂





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