Meditation is an absolute necessity when it comes to clearing your mind of all the clutter that distracts your soul from following its calling. Unfortunately, there is no quick way of ‘fixing’ your mind.
Personally, I find it impossible to listen to and follow my intuition without meditating first. Patiently sitting still, breathing, completely alone (with occasional visits from other dimensional beings :P). Once my attic is clear and bright, the information from my higher self and my spirit guides can pour through effortlessly.
A great way to reprogramme your mind and its conditioning is to listen to guided meditations. Youtube is FULL of them, and there are quite a few really good recordings available to buy from well-established names.
Here you can find reviews of meditation aids that I’ve used in the past as a beginner and the ones that I still use to this very day. Meditation changes lives! I hope you find it as beneficial as I do.
Happy meditating! 🙂


Information and Meditation on the Twelve Chakras by Diana Cooper