Root Chakra Muladhara Symbol RedLocation: At the base of the spine
Element: Earth
Colour: Red
Symbol: Lotus with four petals
Mantra: LAM
Organs: Blood, Kidneys, the skeletal system 
Physical Activities: Yoga, any movement that demands presence
Plant: Sage
Essential oils: Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Garlic, Rosewood, Rosemary, Cloves, Ginger, Cedar, Black Pepper


 The Root Chakra or MULADHARA is associated with our survival and fulfilment of our basic needs (food and shelter), sense of security, financial situation and self-nurture. It enables us to stay grounded and connected to Mother Earth and it focuses us on everything that keeps us Grounded Roots in the Earthsafe and resilient during the time of change and insecurities.
Our primal instincts have stayed the same even though we don’t rely on them as heavily as we used to, and our Root Chakra is a reminder of our ancestral courage, power, determination and, as Iggy Pop so famously puts it, ‘lust for life’. It is this Chakra that triggers our adrenaline supplies whenever we are in fight-or-flight mode. We have this chakra to thank for making it this far as a human race.
Root Chakra is viewed on as a foundation for well-being. If our foundations are strong and deeply rooted in the ground, then the rest of our energetic bodies are balanced too. Think of the Root Chakra as the first mighty stone on which you can build the rest of your successful and happy self. 🙂

Zen Stone Balance



We can achieve a sense of security and groundedness when we are patient and hopeful about our existence, and when we connect to our own reality by accepting ourselves and our position in life exactly as it is.
Sitting Meditation Yoga
I find myself extremely grounded in my meditation practice, mainly because I focus entirely on the sensation of my breath. That way I anchor my mind in the Now rather than lose my presence to my own thoughts and float around aimlessly in my wonderfully comfortable clouds. 🙂
People meditating on a regular basis have reported being more connected to the reality and the world around them. It is extremely healing to connect to the present moment and appreciate the fact we were all came from Earth, so grounding ourselves feels like coming back home.

Creative Grounding Barefoot

One of the quickest grounding practices is to walk barefoot on the grass or dirt, or even better – lie on it, embrace it, caress it!
Whatever makes you feel the love! 🙂 It immediately results in an increased feeling of peace, security and confidence.



♦ Impatience, intolerance, anger, over-active sex drive.
♦ Hyperactivity, restlessness, impulsiveness, excessive physical energy.
♦ Overly confident, egotistical, manipulative, domineering.
♦ Obsession with money, materialism, prone to hoarding.
♦ Resistance to change, stubbornness.
♦ Insecure, nervous disposition, low self-confidence, low self-esteem, timidness.
♦ Lethargy, apathy, lack of drive, lack of inspiration, passive approach to life.
♦ Low libido, feelings of being misunderstood, not ‘fitting in’, detachment from the world.
♦ Co-dependency, overly cautious attitude, prone to money problems.


Root Chakra Muladhara Red Candle
There are many ways to heal, clear and balance your chakras. If done regularly, it can bring outstanding results and a happier and healthier life. Find out how to give your chakras some well-deserved lovin’ on my Chakra Healing Methods page.




One of my favourite ways of clearing my chakras is working with crystals. They are by far the strongest aid when it comes to chakra balancing, as they can tap into the energies of a specific chakra and raise its vibration. AND…They can be worn as jewellery (YAY!) or placed around your living space (great protective ornaments!) to bring out the best in you.


Chakra Healing Stone Circle


It is essential to start chakra clearing and balancing with your Root Chakra, you can find more information on laying strong chakra healing foundations here.
Ensure you’ve cleansed your crystals before use. There are various ways of doing that effectively, it’s best to try out a few different methods to see which one of them resonates with you and your crystals best.



Root Chakra is associated with healing crystals and stones of red and black colour, symbolising Earth and Fire. Through them, you can achieve grounding, purification, peace of mind and an overall balance, depending on the crystal or stone that you’re using.


Fire Element Root Chakra


Agate Palm Stone
AGATE is known as the calming stone, perfect for increasing self-confidence and courage, as it has the power to help dispel fears and doubts. I like mine in a polished shape as a palm stone so I can keep it in my pocket or my purse most of the time to help calm my nerves.


BLACK ONYX is a very powerful protection stone, best used in difficult times, as it acts as a catalyst for negative energy, and helps prevent drainage of personal energy. Known for assisting with mental and physical strength.


Raw Black Tourmaline
BLACK TOURMALINE is THE positivity stone a.k.a. ‘good luck charm’. A very popular stone for protection against negativity, and a little ray of sunshine (despite its dark colour), as it helps to maintain a positive attitude towards life and fight off all that no longer serves your higher purpose.



BLOODSTONE is also known as the Sun Stone. Believed to have the ability to purify the blood and bring vitality, passion and courage to the wearer, as well as revive love.


Hematite Root Chakra Healing CrystalHEMATITE is a perfect stone to organise your ‘mental attic’. Hematite is a high-density magnetic ore perfect for increasing focus and a great companion for students. It calms the mind and brings stability to the user by balancing the meridians. Hematite is also known as a strong protection stone, so feel free to pop it in the corners of your room to form a powerful protective grid for your personal space.


Red Jasper Crystal Root Chakra HealingRED JASPER is known as the stone of fairness and justice, which will help you find solutions in unfair situations and will bring about balance and a sense of control. It enhances responsibilities and creates choices. Tired of hearing how immature you are? Then this stone can help you unveil your responsible ‘grown-up’ self.


Ruby Pendant Root Chakra Healing CrystalRUBY is believed to be the empowerment stone. It offers highly protective properties, especially to sensitive people with destructive tendencies or distorted views of themselves. Ruby is known to assist people with weight problems by grounding them in their own bodies and highlighting their emotional issues that need resolving in order to become a more positive version of themselves.  People with heart problems benefit highly from this stone as it purifies blood and enhances the healthy functioning of the heart.


Smoky Quartz Healing CrystalSMOKY QUARTZ is the Ultimate Power Stone, present in many shamanic rituals. It connects physical and spiritual worlds and grounds one’s spirit by transmuting negative energy into the Earth and neutralising it. Smoky Quartz provides perfect protection from psychic attacks and others’ negative energies. It’s a must-have for people of an empathetic nature, as it helps keep other people’s feelings and energies at bay – empaths usually soak up other people’s feelings without even realising it.


Other Root Chakra healing crystals include Aegirine, Apache Tears, Black Diopside, Black Kyanite, Crocoite, Chrysanthemum Stone, Fire Agate, Garnet, Goethite, Hypersthene, Jet, Obsidian, Pyrolusite, Red Tantalite, Red Tiger’s Eye, Rhodonite, Shiva Lingam, Shungite, Suleiman, Tiger Iron, Unakite, Vanadinite and many more.


Feel free to choose a stone to work with that you’re attracted to most. Your intuition knows best🙂


You can read about how crystals are used to heal chakras
on this page.





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