Lay Strong Foundations With Root Chakra Crystal Healing

Grounded in Mother EarthLet’s start our chakra journey by making our foundations strong and secure with Root Chakra Crystal Healing and Grounding, clearing of negative energies with White Sage (smudging), and paving the path for the rest of our chakra system to exist in a state of energetic balance.
If there is anything I like to over-do, then it’s grounding and clearing of my Root Chakra (also known as the Base Chakra). Once I’ve secured my foundations, only then can I move upwards my energetic body and find a balance within.
Root Chakra Muladhara Mantra LAMRoot  Chakra or Muladhara is our fundamental chakra enabling our survival and is a representation of our secure and stable home environment, personal security and stability, constantly influencing our confidence levels.
It is located at the tailbone and it provides us with a connection to the material world and a healthy sexual expression.


Lost your head ‘in the clouds’?

Blame it on your blocked Root Chakra!


An under-active Root Chakra can make you experience a disconnectedness from your body to the point where you don’t feel comfortable in it anymore.
Your body is your soul’s vessel for current incarnation and is somethingMother Earth Art that your soul has essentially borrowed from the Earth. At the end of your life, the body you’ve been using will be returned to Mother Earth, but in the meantime, it’s important to return it ‘home’ regularly by grounding it back to its roots.
There are different ways you can do that.
It’s best to try different methods in order to find the one that resonates with you most, or try a combination of them to keep that Root Chakra grounded for good!
 An open Root chakra grounds us to our surroundings and makes us present in the moment.
If your upper chakras are anything like mine and have the tendency to Building Castles in The Sky with Your Head in the Cloudsbe overactive while lower chakras (especially Root Chakra) naturally slip into an under-active state, then you can relate to my struggle with not being present in the Now and focused on the world around me. This is where the expression ‘walking around with your head in the clouds’ comes to mind. And, darn, have I heard THAT too many times!


That’s why regular grounding is CRUCIAL for me to be able to be secure within myself, be comfortable in my own body and my decisions and Self-confidence Joy and Happinessnot shy away from reality. I need to have a strong and clear Root Chakra in order to have the physical, emotional and financial safety that I desire. To me, having a balanced Root Chakra equals being confident in myself and what I do, and once I have that, I can do anything. Including healing the rest of my chakras for complete balance.


If you’re feeling disconnected with the world around you, insecure, nervous, lethargic, or if you’ve been experiencing the need to dominate and manipulate others and your environment, then balancing your Root chakra can be the answer to your problems.


Raw Ruby Root Chakra Healing CrystalSome of the Root chakra crystals that we can use for our Root chakra healing are Ruby, Bloodstone, Hematite, Red Jasper, Garnet and Smoky Quartz. They mostly come in shades of red and black to resonate with the colours of Root Chakra. I would advise healing your chakras with raw crystals as I find them more powerful.



Man of the hour – Smoky Quartz 

Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding stone with colour that varies from transparent to nearly black. It helps release mental blockages, alleviates negativity and acts as a protection against psychic attacks. It has the ability to connect the wearer and their energetic body to the Earth and to their physical rather than spiritual side. That enables them to focus on their physical experiences in this world by improving their consciousness.Raw Smoky Quartz Root Chakra Healing Crystal
When I started discovering chakra healing with crystals I wore a Smoky Quartz necklace, which laid a strong foundation for all my future healing. My Root Chakra resonates powerfully with this specific crystal and it’s helped me immensely with releasing old mental blockages that consisted of low self-confidence, limiting beliefs, negative self-image and negative self-talk.


Once I’ve cleared my Root Chakra with the help of Smoky Quartz, improved its vibration and brightened the colour of it, I was ready to start the rest of the healing process by continuing onto my Sacral Chakra and so on.


I’ve put a lot of work into my lower chakras, which resulted in more control over my emotions and my actions. My mental attitude has gone Peaceful and Satisfied Person in the Sunsetfrom chaotic to ‘cool as a cucumber’. Someone referred to me as that a few months ago, which threw me on my backside completely. I thought they must have been wrong, as I’ve always been scattered all over the place! But what I failed to notice was that by balancing my Root Chakra I have become less emotional, more balanced, peaceful and secure as a person. I felt proud for doing all that hard work and needless to say I am keeping crystals in my life for good! 🙂


Chakra crystal sets

For a quick everyday ‘fix’ I recommend using a set of chakra healing crystals. They’re usually pebble-sized, but you shouldn’t need much Chakra Healing Crystal Setmore than that to work with on a daily basis. They are also quite cheap and you can purchase them together in a packet – all seven chakra healing crystals/stones conveniently ready for you! Perfection.
However, make sure that if you use them quite often to clean them every few days or so in order to eliminate all the energetic residue leftover from your healing sessions. I find that of utmost importance. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals.


To find the method that sits best with you click here.



Negative energetic residue can hide in the smallest of corners so do smudge your living place and your altar at least once a week. Smudging with white sage is a very spiritually cleansing practice, as it clears your aura too (although the smell might not be so popular with the rest of your household).
I’ll take any excuse to perform a ritual involving White Sage or Incense Smudging with White Sagesticks – I find it obligatory when moving into a new place (and I’ve moved A LOT this year!) in order to reset the room’s ‘memory’ and infuse it with my positive energies.


To find out more about your Root Chakra and its corresponding crystals click here.


Enjoy building your foundations, brick by brick! 🙂



Please voice your own opinion or share your own experiences with crystals and crystal chakra healing by clicking on the comment button, I am dying to hear what you folks have to say on the subject! I am also open to suggestions for improving this website and appreciate all feedback.

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8 Comments on “Lay Strong Foundations With Root Chakra Crystal Healing

  1. Dear Spela

    Hello! My name is Cecile Mazewski and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
    For years (actually since childhood!) I have been drawn to crystals and unwittingly been attracted to their healing powers. I used to use my pocket money – not on sweets – but going to our local gift and curio shop to see what new crystals they had in stock. I bought Rock Crystal ‘families’ and crystal chips in glass jars and later I bought crystal necklaces and tumbled stones to place in bowls around my home.

    I also have a completely favourite crystal necklace made of Turquoise Howlite, Clear Quartz Crystal and Garnet beads. I have worn it for close on 20 years and I feel that it helps with protection and clarity every single day of my life. I don’t leave home without it.

    So about 3 years ago I went to a talk by Diana Cooper when she did some seminars in Cape Town. She started telling us about the 12 Chakras and how they are opening up as we and the planet, move onto higher levels of consciousness and understanding. I have a 7 chakra bracelet but I started to wonder if there was 12 chakra beads and jewellery available.

    After searching the internet for 12 Chakras I found your website, but still no jewellery. So I approached my sister-in-law who is wonderfully creative and asked her if we went to source some crystals – could she make up some 12 chakra necklaces. Hence, ABCDesign Africa was born.

    I am emailing you to proudly show you our shop which we launched on Etsy yesterday. Please have a look at the necklaces and let me know what you think. Angela (my sister-in-law) had complete creative freedom so she has done some unconventional crystal layouts because I feel that as long as the person is wearing to crystals that they don’t necessarily need to always be in the old conventional ‘7 chakra’ order from Base to Crown chakra. Also the options are limitless and will resonate differently with each individual. The URL is below:

    I thank you for the information on your website as it really helped me with the basic knowledge of the 12 Chakras and their corresponding crystals.

    If you would be open to forming a collaboration and having our link on your website – that would also be great. What would your expectations be regarding the percentage per crystal necklace sale that we made via the user following your link onto our shop?

    I would really appreciate your feedback and comments on everything and look forward to keeping in contact with you.

    Warm regards
    Cecile Mazewski

    • Hi Cecile! First of all, maaaassive apologies for such a late reply, the past few months of working hard have left me unable to focus on the website… Sadly :(.
      Thanks for stopping by though and having a look at what this website has to offer! I’m extremely interested in advertising exciting and ‘different’ crystal jewellery, which will help support small businesses. I understand your passion for crystals COMPLETELY, so happy to know I’m not the only one obsessed with their power and beauty!… what am I saying!! there’s millions of us out there hahah!! I love the fact crystal healing is on the rise, the more followers the merrier :D! It’s exciting to see refreshing new ways creative people are coming up with when it comes to crystal jewellery designs. I had a look at your site on Etsy but couldn’t find any items listed. I’m hoping you’re still developing the idea, as it sounds epic, my friend! Keep at it! I’d definitely buy a twelve chakra based piece! Love it!

      Lots of love and light to you (and your crystals)

      Spela 🙂

      • Dear Spela

        Thank you so much for your response! I completely understand about going quiet for a while, as I had to do that as well because of work and other projects keeping me busy last year. I let our Etsy Store expire as there was very little interest in our necklaces when we launched them in June 2018. I have since decided to re-launch the store soon and create a wider audience on Instagram to get the crystal necklaces out into the public space. I will let you know when we go live again. Your most recent posts on Diana Cooper’s work on the 12 chakras are very interesting as I used her 12 chakra references as guidelines to follow for the stones we chose for the jewellery. Watch this space – we will have the necklaces for sale soon again xx
        Warm regards
        Cecile Mazewski

        • Hi Cecile,

          sorry to hear about your Etsy store, I’m wishing you a smooth and successful relaunch. Many times we run into setbacks when pursuing our goals, but persistence really pays off I believe!
          I’m glad you’re using Diana Cooper as a point of reference when it comes to crystals, there is so much knowledge there! I CANNOT WAIT to see what kind of crystal jewellery you’ll have in store for us soon! I know for a fact that I’ll be ordering loads from you! There’s is such a gap in the market concerning 12 chakra crystal jewellery! Stay in touch and keep me updated!
          Wishing you best of luck!

          Love & Light,

          Spela Elan Rei

  2. Hi Spela,
    this is SO interesting!
    I am a goldsmith and gemologist and have worked in the jewelry industry for more than 20 years, but never paid much attention to the healing effects of gemstones – only the beauty. Thank you for opening my eyes to this aspect as well.
    I will definitely give it some thought, as I could also use some better control of my emotions!

    • Hi Stine!

      Thanks for stopping by:) I’m happy to help, and I’m glad we agree on the mesmerizing beauty of crystals and gemstones 🙂

  3. Hi Spella, I love reading your post. Although I don’t know much about chakras, I have some knowledge of crystals as I love them myself. I have some collection, which I bought from an online gemstone store. I touch my crystals all the time, put them beside my bed and hold them when I do a bit of meditation. I have a connection to these crystals, they make me feel good and elated. I actually bookmarked your site so I can visit every once in a while.

    • Hi Rebecca!:) I appreciate you bookmarking my site, I’ll be adding some links to crystal shops soon, so you’re more than welcome to check in anytime:) It’s lovely to hear people using crystals and their energies. I particularly like the raw ones, their energies seem so much more powerful! I hope your crystals keep on serving you well:) 

      Lots of love & light,

      Spela 🙂

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