Location: In the pelvic area
Sacral Chakra Symbol SvadhisthanaElement: Water
Colour: Orange
Symbol: A circle of six petals with a moon crescent
Mantra: VAM
Organs: Genitals, Reproductive Organs, Kidney, Urinary Bladder
Physical Activities: Yoga, Swimming, Dance
Plant: Jasmine
Essential Oils: Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Rose


Sanskrit name for Sacral Chakra – SVADHISTHANA, translates as my own sweet abode. It is ruled by the water element, which symbolises flexibility and flow of emotions.
This chakra enables us to ‘feel’ the world around us and inside of us and provides us with abundance. It’s associated with our sexual expression and our perception of pleasure. This is our creative centre, it’s where we can play with mental alchemy and shape our lives by using our own thoughts.
Sacral Chakra is our well-being chakra. Its task is to help our bodies Wellbeing Sunset Yogamaintain a strong and healthy immune system. When balanced, it reminds us that we are good enough and that we are deserving of the life we desire. It also enables us to give our bodies the nutrients and exercise it needs in healthy and balanced measures.
Sacral Chakra reminds us to bring more joy, play and pleasure into our lives by simplifying our existence instead of getting caught up in the complexity of life.
If you’re having a greedy day and find yourself gorging on food without knowing why an imbalanced Sacral Chakra might be the answer you’re looking for.
Tiger's Eye Ring Sacral Chakra Crystal HealingWhenever I’m ‘not loving myself’ I end up eating A LOT of cake to drown that little insecure and unsettled voice. Whenever that happens, I know I have to balance my Sacral Chakra by clearing its energies with crystal meditation or simply by wearing crystal jewellery that resonates with Sacral Chakra (Tiger’s Eye works wonders for me). As my lower chakras need the most clearing quite a lot of times, I keep my Tiger’s Eye ring on me constantly.



Letting Go BanksyIn order to achieve a balanced Sacral Chakra, we have to find a balance between controlling some things we are able to control and LET GO of the things we CAN’T control. There is such a feeling of freedom that surrounds the letting go process! It’s like lifting an old burden that has been weighing you down but you failed to notice how heavy it was until it wasn’t there anymore.


Full Moon Ritual Magic Mountains
The times of Full Moon are always the best to shed away all that no longer serves you and to cut ties with everything that’s been holding your bright self back. There are many different rituals for letting go and finding one that feels good to you can be a fun process. There is a lot of trial and error, and sometimes it can all feel a little silly, but it really helps you release emotions and beliefs (and gives you another excuse to play with your crystals).
For your Sacral Chakra’s sake, keep it fun!


I wasn’t planning on doing this, but here you go:

“Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore.

Let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door!”

– Elsa

And that was my playful bit to keep my Sacral Chakra happy and spinning with enthusiasm! 🙂


If you don’t feel like being silly by singing Disney songs while salivating all over your hairbrush and jumping vigorously on your bed, then I’m sure you can find joy some other way.


For example, write a list of things that made you happy as a child and teenager and Playful Child Painting Joyyou absolutely loved doing.
The problem most of us have is not that we haven’t found our passions yet, but that we’ve forgotten them.
As children, we already did what made us feel alive. It’s never too late to revisit these activities.


No more excuses! 🙂



If you find yourself experiencing any of the symptoms below then you might want to clear and balance your Sacral Chakra.


♦ Unusual menstrual cycles, pains in lower abdomen.
♦ Pre-occupation with sex, sex addiction in severe cases.
♦ Overly emotional and emotionally dependent.
♦ Attracting drama and disasters into your life.
♦ A constant need for reassurance.


♦ Low libido.
♦ Being stuck creatively.
♦ Too much work and not enough play!
♦ Obsessed with planning, lack of spontaneity.
♦ A feeling of shame around your sexuality.
♦ Inability to express your emotions.
♦ Feeling isolated and disconnected from others.


It only takes one imbalanced chakra for your entire energetic body to be out of balance, but in most cases, there is more than one chakra that needs to be healed.


There are many ways to heal, clear and balance your chakras. If done regularly, it can bring outstanding results and a happier and healthier life. Find out how to give your chakras some well-deserved lovin’ on my Chakra Healing Methods page.




One of my favourite ways of clearing my chakras is working with crystals. They are by far the strongest aid when it comes to chakra balancing, asTiger's Eye crystal hawk pendant they can tap into the energies of a specific chakra and raise its vibration. AND…They can be worn as jewellery (YAY!) or placed around your living space (great protective ornaments!) to bring out the best in you.


It is essential to start your chakra clearing and balancing at your Root Chakra, you can find more information on laying strong chakra healing foundations here.


Ensure you’ve cleansed your crystals before use. There are various ways of doing that effectively, it’s best to try out a few different methods to see which one of them resonates with you and your crystals best.



Sacral Chakra healing crystals can be a great aid to tissue regeneration, especially when it comes to reproductive organs.
Divine Feminine Creation
The crystals resonate with orange, the colour of Sacral Chakra. This is
where we produce new ideas and create new life, new beginnings.
It’s extremely important for women to connect to this energetic centre, as we tend to store most of our sorrow and suppressed emotions in our wombs. We have to learn how to unleash our creativity on a daily basis to release everything that’s blocking our Sacral Chakras.
Sensual lovemaking Sacral ChakraA balanced Sacral chakra results in a healthy emotional and physical life. Corresponding crystals and stones keep us connected to our feelings revolving around sexuality, sensual pleasures and commitments in relationships.
It’s good to keep Sacral Chakra stones close to your second chakra to enhance the healing process. Try putting smaller crystal pieces or stones into your pockets whenever possible.



Here are a few of Sacral Chakra crystals suitable for healing purposes:

Amber Pendants Sacral Chakra Healing CrystalAMBER is a perfect stone for soaking up all the negative and stagnant excess energy in your Sacral Chakra. It’s of biological origin and it falls in the category somewhere between a mineral and a crystal. It’s known for its medicinal properties and is a great aid when working with past lives or accessing lessons from our ancestors. It has the ability to remove destructive energies from its environment and relationships.
Citrine Cluster Sacral Chakra Healing CrystalCITRINE is also known as the success stone. Great for healing and rebalancing the second chakra, it is known as a carrier of bright energy, joy and fortune to the user. With this bright energy comes the energy of generosity, which encourages us to share our success, and we all know that the more you give – the more you get!
Polished carnelian stone Sacral chakra healingCARNELIAN is the ultimate pleasure stone! Cornelian is linked to Sacral Chakra because of its corresponding colour and it’s known to provide you with comfort and a higher level of creativity, as well as helping you keep healthy physically and emotionally. Its usual ‘hang out’ space is by the oceans and lakes, making it closely connected to the element of water, which can help you control and stabilise unsettling emotions.
Moonstone Mandala Crystal HealingMOONSTONE is, as the name suggests, a crystal closely linked to the Moon and everything that Moon effects, such as the water on our planet and us, consequently, as we consist of a high percentage of water. It’s a highly soothing stone that has been known to help manage stress and our emotional overreactions. For Sacral Chakra healing use peachy shades of Moonstone.
polished sunstone Sacral chakra crystal healingSUNSTONE is known as the leadership stone. This is a powerful stone known to chase away your fears and phobias and helps lift your mood. Its power is reflected in its ability to transform negative energy into positive and strengthen your life force. The name says it all – this baby acts as a bright and powerful ray of uplifting sunshine!:)
Tiger's Eye Ball Shape Sacral Chakra HealingTIGER’S EYE is a beautiful prosperity and abundance stone. Tiger’s Eye is an enchanting crystal, suitable for all you entrepreneurs out there, or simply for anyone in need of some luck and good fortune. It’s advisable to wear Tiger’s Eye on your body or keep it near you to enhance your own personal power. No wonder it’s so popular in various forms of jewellery. Try not to fall in love with it! 🙂


Other Sacral Chakra healing crystals include Bronzite, Bumble Bee Jasper stone, Coral, Cuprite, Fire Agate, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Golden Yellow Apatite, Golden Yellow Topaz, Goldstone, Orange Aventurine, Orange Calcite, Orange Kyanite, Peach Selenite, Serandite, Shiva Lingam, Snowflake Obsidian, Triplite. 

You can read about how crystals are used to heal chakras
on this page.


Feel free to choose a stone to work with that you’re attracted to most.
Your intuition knows best🙂




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