Location: Below the sternum, above the stomach
Solar plexus Chakra SymbolElement: Fire
Colour: Yellow
Symbol: Bright yellow circle with 10 petals and a downward facing red triangle
Mantra: RAM
Organs: Digestive organs; stomach, liver, pancreas, small intestine, muscles
Physical Activities: Competitive sports and activities, hiking, cycling, qigong
Plant: Carnation
Essential Oils: Juniper, lemon, grapefruit


Solar Plexus Chakra or MANIPURA is our identity chakra. This is where our egos reside and our personalities are being crafted into unique works of art.
Similarly to other lower chakras, Solar Plexus Chakra is primarily concerned with self-worth, self-esteem, confidence and personal power.
inner Personal power confidence childI’m sure you’ve met people before that seemed to know exactly who they are, where they’re going and what their place in the world is.
These are the people connected to their Higher Selves who follow their purpose in life. They have a strong and balanced Solar Plexus Chakra and there’s just something fascinating about them, that makes everyone else want to be them.


Maybe YOU are such a person. If not, you can become just like that by healing your third chakra.


By working on clearing your Solar Plexus Chakra it’s highly likely that your perception of yourself is going to change. Opening up your third chakra will encourage you to eliminate your limiting self-beliefs and replace them with a better, more powerful version of yourself.


Developing Solar Plexus Chakra has been one of my favourite and most rewarding experiences. It’s amazing to see your own progress in terms of improving the way you see yourself and witness your confidence levels skyrocket.


facing challenges head onA great way of developing personal power is to face challenges head-on by deliberately putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and overcoming obstacles that come your way. It may seem daunting, but when you successfully complete something scary you will realise how powerful you are and how much MORE you can achieve.


It’s like stepping up the ladder – one day when you reach the top you’ll look down on the first step and realise just how tiny it really was. So don’t shy away from challenges, embrace them and witness exponential growth.
The Solar Plexus Chakra rules our teenage-hood and young adulthood. This is where our sense of self is developed and this time is marked by all the mistakes that we make and all that we learn from them. We gain confidence through trial and error and get to know ourselves.


Strong confidence Solar plexus chakraWhen we know our worth we make good choices for ourselves and fill our lives with self-love and self-approval. It takes TIME (a lot of it for some!) to know who we truly are and develop our personal power, which enables us to stand tall with integrity even in the darkest of times.


We must first eliminate fear and self-doubt and rightfully claim our own inner power. It’s there to be taken, and we are all entitled to it.


Every single one of us is worthy of the life they desire.


And love, sweet love!
We are all worthy of love, be it from ourselves or others! Love hands coupleI see too many people of all ages from all backgrounds settling for less than they deserve. They haven’t yet realised that they too are worthy of nothing less but pure love. We are not being over-demanding by making such a request. Afterall, our natural state is one of unconditional love and joy. Let’s practice such state of mind as much as possible, and we truly CAN make the world a better place.


However, life is not always ‘fair’ and likes to throw situations at us where we need to affirm ourselves and show our true strength. It might seem too cruel and painful at the time, but the Universe really is just helping you take control and ownership of your personal power.
If we’re not being tested we tend to get lazy and comfortable.


Comfort is the enemy of growth.
Let’s avoid it. 🙂



Keeping that Ego in check!

Whenever we hear the word ego our minds bring forth an image of someone who is egotistical and what we like to call a D-head.
Take Donald for instance. He’s a great example of someone who is exploitative, manipulative and arrogant. Such a person is disconnected from their heart and everyone else around them.
In a case of a strong ego, everyone else is regarded to as ‘objects’, there to be played with and controlled.


So don’t be like Donald and remember to keep your ego grounded and use it only for its original purpose: compassion and love.


Worried you might be like Donald? Surely not! 🙂


But just in case, below is a list of symptoms that signalise an imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra.



♦ The tendency to be judgemental.
♦ Stubbornness, highly critical of others.
♦ Disregarding other people’s advice and opinions.
♦ Strong excitement about projects but fail to see them through (all talk, no action).


♦ Excessive procrastination.
♦ Depression, low self-esteem.
♦ Poor digestion.
♦ Lack of drive, apathy, feeling ‘exploited’ most of the time.
♦ Feeling helpless and ‘stuck’.


yellow candle
There are many ways to heal, clear and balance your chakras. If done regularly, it can bring outstanding results and a happier and healthier life. Find out how to give your chakras some well-deserved lovin’ on my Chakra Healing Methods page.






Some of the crystals that we use for healing Solar Plexus Chakra are the same as the ones we use for Sacral Chakra healing.


It’s best to use crystals of yellow, golden or light green shades to clear and balance our third chakra. This is our manifestation epicentre where we can do wonders with positive thinking. Working with crystals on this chakra enables the energy to flow undisturbed throughout the body.


When we heal our Solar Plexus Chakra we are not experiencing any more of previously self-imposed limitations. We are free to be confident, to have a healthy self-esteem and to create financial success in our lives. Crystals can also help this chakra take back its power, resulting in claiming our own responsibilities and taking good care of others.


Amber Pendants Sacral Chakra Healing CrystalAMBER is a perfect stone for soaking up all the negative and stagnant excess energy from both Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra. It’s of biological origin and it falls in the category somewhere between a mineral and a crystal. It’s known for its medicinal properties and is a great aid when working with past lives or accessing lessons from our ancestors. It has the ability to remove destructive energies from its environment and relationships.
Citrine Cluster Sacral Chakra Healing CrystalCITRINE is also known as the success stone. Great for healing and rebalancing both second and third chakra, it is known as a carrier of bright energy, joy and fortune to the user. With this bright energy comes the energy of generosity, which encourages us to share our success, and we all know that the more you give – the more you get!


Golden SeleniteGOLDEN SELENITE is the perfect solution for an under-active Solar Plexus Chakra that’s keeping you ‘stuck’ in life. Golden Selenite is the stone of personal will-power. It helps reignite your passions by stirring up your prana (life force). Love yourself enough to instil some discipline in yourself to power you towards achieving your dreams and goals. This stone has the ability to help find your life’s purpose.


LEMON JASPER is a stone of balance and tranquillity. Use it in times of stress and uncertainty to gain courage and determination. Like many stones, Lemon Jasper has the ability to absorb negativity and stimulating your imagination to ‘get things going‘. Use it to avoid one of the most popular activities in the world today – procrastination.
Lemon QuartzLEMON QUARTZ is an abundance stone, similarly to Citrine. Its uplifting colour and energy are perfect for improving your mood and encouraging you to appreciate the little things in life. In fact, because it vibrates at such high frequency it has the ability to self-cleanse. Use it for a quick and powerful boost whenever you feel like you need one.
I love placing Lemon Quartz over my Solar Plexus chakra when lying in bed in the morning and listening to a short ‘pick me up’ affirmations video. Repeating the affirmations out loud ALWAYS does the trick. 🙂
Orange Zincite Solar Plexus ChakraORANGE ZINCITE  is an extremely potent and beautiful stone used to revitalise your entire chakra system. If you tend to focus on your higher chakras more than the lower ones then this stone will restore the balance and align your energetic body. Like most Solar Plexus Chakra healing crystals, Orange Zincite is perfect for manifesting your desires. It also has the ability to wake up your creativity, but be sure to use it in smaller doses.


Pyrite Solar plexus chakraPYRITE is an action-taking stone perfect for helping you re-establish your willpower and re-discover some of that determination and fire in your eyes. It is also known as ‘Fool’s Gold’ because of its striking gold-like appearance and it symbolises the power of the Sun and fire. It will spark up your flow of ideas and help you uncover your true potential. It’s great for manifesting wealth.


Tiger's Eye Ball Shape Sacral Chakra HealingTIGER’S EYE is a prosperity and abundance stone, also used for Sacral Chakra healing. Tiger’s Eye has the ability to enhance your personal power when worn or being placed close to you. Every stone has a unique pattern and their beauty really is quite mesmerising. It’s a great encouragement stone for taking business-related risks and can be worn as a good luck charm. With it, you can awaken your inner unapologetic confidence.



Yellow Tourmaline Solar Plexus ChakraYELLOW TOURMALINE  is a rare stone, which has the power to connect you with your Higher Self, as it encourages the expression of your inner truth and purity of your mind and your intentions. It keeps your ego balanced and helps keep greediness at bay. It’s also known as a powerful shaman’s crystal, as it provides protection during rituals and transforms energy into higher vibrations while acting as a grounding stone.


Other Solar Plexus Chakra healing crystals include Amblygonite, Ametrine, Brazilianite, Cats Eye Chrysoberyl, Fire Agate, Hiddenite, Light Green Chrysoprase, Light Green Prehnite, Libyan Gold Tektite, Pale Green Gaspeite, Peridot, Pietersite, Rhodizite, Sphene/Titanite, Stellar Beam Calcite, Vesuvianite/Idocrase, Yellow Apatite, Yellow Green Serpentine.


Feel free to choose a stone to work with that you’re attracted to most.
Your intuition knows best🙂


You can read about how crystals are used to heal chakras
on this page.





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