The 12 Chakra System


Chakra stones and symbolsMost people have heard of the seven chakras located within our bodies, and it’s true that it’s probably best to start getting to know their energies first if you’re a ‘chakra beginner‘. However, after time you may start to feel like there is more to your energetic body than just seven chakras…


Which makes you 100% right!


The energetic body actually consists of thirteen chakras (numbered 0-12, where 0 stands for Earth Star Chakra). This is a fairly new piece of information developed by energy workers following recent universal shifts.


Always busyWhen I lived in London I unknowingly became my environment – always so ridiculously busy! I absolutely loved ignoring those extra chakras as I barely found time to focus on the main ones!
I always cleared them super quickly (and super sloppy) and then continued making myself as pointlessly busy as I possibly could.


Times have changed (thankfully) and I now have more than enough time to meditate on all 13 chakras.


But it wasn’t all that easy…


I was majorly confused by opposing information about different 12 chakra systems. They all came with slight variations in chakra positions, so I had no choice but to try them out and see what felt good.


Please bear in mind that the 12 chakra systems vary from source to source. This is my favourite interpretation, which I’ve picked up from Melanie Beckler, an author and angel channel, and which I use in my meditations. However, I am opened to different interpretations and would love to hear from you in the comments below.


Here I will briefly sum up seven main chakras, add links to more detailed descriptions on my website, and provide an in-depth explanation of the additional six chakras: Earth Star Chakra, Soul Star Chakra, Spirit Chakra, Universal Chakra, Galactic Chakra and Divine Gateway Chakra.



As the name suggests, this 0th chakra connects our physical bodies and our souls to Mother Earth and her energies. Essentially, it enables you to create the feeling of oneness with Nature, all living things and the universal force or chi.


The grid that connects allI once experienced this connectedness in a very apparent manner. I was able to see the ‘grid’ after a deep meditation, the tie that binds all the Universe together. My body was inside of the grid, or a part of it to be precise. It looked like a perfectly designed geometrical net spanning between myself and the rest of the world; objects, plants, and people.


Mother EarthWhen your Earth Star chakra is accessed, you can feel this grid. The boundary between nature and human becomes unclear and you seek constant exposure to the outdoors. Also, as the connection grows deeper, the wounds that we inflict on Mother Earth can also be felt by your psyche, resulting in increased environmentalist attitude on your behalf.



Root Chakra Muladhara Symbol RedThis 1st chakra is located at the base of the spine and represents our need for security, home and everything related to our survival instinct. This is the point in our body from where we are able to ground ourselves in order to feel secure and balanced.


See a fully detailed Root Chakra description and its corresponding healing crystals on my Root Chakra page.




Sacral Chakra Symbol SvadhisthanaThis 2nd chakra is located in the pelvic area and represents our emotions, sexuality and creativity. For women, our womb is where we create new life.


Sacral chakra is associated with the element of water, ruling our emotions and the way we express them. For example, if a person’s Sacral chakra is overactive, they will display a lack of control over their emotions, resulting in an overly emotional behaviour. The opposite applies if a person’s Sacral chakra is weak or blocked – their emotions will hardly ever be put on a display.


Of course, there is a lot more to this chakra and I’ve laid it all out beautifully for you on my Sacral Chakra page.




Solar plexus Chakra SymbolOur 3rd chakra is located in the section just below the sternum and above the stomach. It is the centre of our personal power, energy, vitality and motivation.


The way we carry ourselves and our level of self-esteem stem from this chakra, so if our Solar Plexus chakra is balanced we see ourselves as confident and capable of achieving whatever our heart desires.


Find out more about your Solar Plexus chakra and how to heal it with crystals on my  Solar Plexus Chakra page.




Heart Chakra SymbolThis 4th chakra of ours is where love, hope and compassion reside.


People with a balanced Heart chakra are known as warm, friendly and open people who give a lot to others but also know how to set boundaries in order to cultivate a healthy level of self-love and self-care.
The biggest lesson of our Heart chakra is the realisation that we are one with the Universe and that we are all the same – there is no ‘other’.


Read more about Heart Chakra and its corresponding healing crystals on my Heart Chakra page.




Throat Chakra SymbolOur 5th chakra is associated with the way we communicate with ourselves, the world around us and our Divine guidance.


This is where we are able to express ourselves creatively and build our integrity by speaking our most inner truth despite possible negative consequences (which sounds a lot easier said than done).


Find out more about this chakra and its healing crystals on my Throat Chakra page.




 Brow Third Eye Chakra SymbolThe 6th chakra in the body is our Brow Chakra, which can be found in the third eye area where our pineal gland is located.


This chakra is associated with intuition and psychic abilities, which can be developed by carefully opening up our third eye.
Third Eye Chakra is our gateway to other dimensions and home to our clairvoyant abilities.


To find out more about this mystic chakra and crystals that can help you heal it, click on my Third Eye/Brow Chakra page.




Crown Chakra SymbolOur 7th chakra is located at the top of the head and represents our connection to the Universe and the Divine. This is the centre through which we receive Divine love and Universal energy.


When Crown chakra is balanced and open we have a higher understanding of the world and can achieve enlightenment.
An opened Crown chakra also enables us to exist in a state of unconditional love and acceptance. At this point, we stop perceiving the material world as highly important and start putting our spiritual practice, peace and happiness first.


More about Crown Chakra and its healing crystals on my  Crown Chakra page.




 Our 8th chakra, also known as the ‘seat of the soul’ is located above the Crown Chakra, around 6 inches (15 cm) above the top of the head.


Soul Star Chakra is where Divine love, Universal and spiritual energy is purified and sent through the Stellar Gateway to Crown Chakra from which it enters the body.


Past lives clockThis is where our soul resides along with all the information and lessons from previous lives. It is also the home of our Higher Selves, which can make the opening of this chakra tricky, as we are forced to face (sometimes undesired) realities about our souls and ourselves.


However, once we’ve faced the truth we consequently gain an immense power to change the beliefs and habits that have been holding us back. Once our Soul Star Chakra is opened we are able to access our soul’s Akashic records (all the information about the soul’s Hamsa Protectionjourney) and learn from our past life lessons to reach our full potential in this life. Essentially, we step on the path of self-realisation that leads us closer to our Higher Selves.
Please note that opening yourself up to such information can be risky if you’ve not prepared yourself properly. Ensure you meditate regularly with crystals that resonate with your Soul Star chakra (which I will list below), bring grounding into your practice and surround yourself with crystals (Charoite, Black Tourmaline) or symbols (Hamsa) that will Charoite Protectionprotect you from psychic attacks.
The Divine energy, angels and spirit guides you will be opening up to are very powerful, so naturally, you will be opening up to the other side of the spectrum too, which can scare the daylight out of you, to say the least.


Take my word for it.
I was far too keen way too soon when meditating on a meditation retreat in Thailand, which resulted in a sort of a psychic invasion, where a dark Black Tourmaline Protectionand negative being entered my field, as I wasn’t protected and ready for such a ‘harsh’ information about my soul that it brought with it.
It took a shamanic intervention to get rid of it, and it’s still trying to make its way back to me months later.
Hence why my walls are covered with protection symbols from various cultures…
better safe than sorry, right?!


There are many healing crystals that can be used to aid the opening of the Soul Star chakra, you can find a list at the bottom of this page.



 Our 9th chakra is located around 12-18 inches (30-45 cm) above our head and is associated with our spiritual connection and communication with the Universe, angels, spirit guides and other light beings.


Do you remember that time when you listened to yourself closely and received a message or just simply followed your intuition without knowing where or why? This was your Spirit Chakra speaking.


Angel GuidanceWhen your communication with the spiritual realm around you has opened, you can be sure to experience regular synchronicities which are there to remind you that all is connected in the Universe and all you have to do is trust the flow of the Spirit by surrendering to these sign and see where they take you.
Having too many expectations and over-planning your life can hinder your ability to hear your Spirit’s guidance.
Sometimes the Universe wants to take you somewhere that might not make any sense or seem aligned with your goals, but it’s always important to remember that your Spirit is working for you and not against you and will always lead you towards your highest purpose.


Surrender to the UniverseI find most of the messages coming to me during meditation and they all pretty much boil down to one thing: Avoid making detailed plans.
Let the Universe know what you want and take a step back.
Sit down (preferably in meditation 🙂 ) and follow the signs you receive, one by one.
It’s the only way to truly get to know your Spirit and your purpose in this life.
Oh, and don’t get swayed by others telling you that ‘such a pointless existence’ is no way to live your life (if I had got a penny for every time I heard that you’d be able to visit me in a humongous crystal castle by now!).

OF COURSE, we have plans too, the only difference is that we find a well-informed plan by the Universe far more important than our man-made plan, which often limits our incredible potential anyways. 🙂


You’ll find a list of healing crystals that can help you clear communication pathways with your spiritual guidance and keep your focus on following your Spirit’s purpose.



 Our 10th chakra is located above the Spirit chakra and is associated with the Universe and our perception of it.


The UniverseWhen we start listening and following the messages that our Spirit Chakra provides us with, we are inevitably aligning ourselves with the Universal flow to which we’ve gained access through our Universal Chakra.


Opening this chakra enables us to create and manifest a life that is in accordance with our Higher Selves.


This is where we become one with the Universe and surrender to the flow, which aligns your physical and spiritual bodies and reminds Crystal Ball in a Merkaba Shapeyou that you are a light being full of unconditional love.
You are closely linked to your spirit guides, angels and other light beings and follow Cosmic rules rather than rules made up by humans.
Your Divine Merkaba Light Body starts to shape itself within your Universal Chakra, which enables interdimensional and interstellar travels.




Ascending up the spiritual ladder we have our 11th chakra, located above the Universal Chakra.


Advanced spiritualityWhile everyone has the potential to activate this chakra, not many people actually reach such an advanced level of spirituality. I can only imagine the amount of spiritual work that goes into the opening of Galactic Chakra!


This chakra enables our souls to ascend even higher in the spiritual realm and communicate with the highest ascended Masters and light beings. Time and space have no meaning and things such as teleportation and instant manifestation can be applied.


Spiritual Ascension White LightAccessing your Galactic chakra allows you to not only connect with the higher realms but to explore them and use their laws for your own healing and balancing.
The information that you gain can be brought back into this dimension to enlight and heal others, as well as the world itself.


You become a channel for such messages and a great force for improving Earth’s vibration.


An opened Galactic Chakra is a powerful thing, and once you’ve experienced such a spiritual ascension, there is no way back to the old way of thinking and perceiving – you see our world for what it really is, stripped of all illusions.


Scary, yet exciting! 🙂




Our 12th and final chakra is located, you’ve guessed it, above the Galactic Chakra.


Different DimensionsThe clue lies in the name itself – an activated Divine Gateway Chakra concludes our spiritual ascension and connects us to the Divine Source.
We’ve reached All that is, and are one with the Cosmos and the Source, which enables our soul to travel to different worlds, dimensions and whatever else lies beyond.


It acts as a gateway for the Divine Light to flow down our chakras through the spinal column to the Earth Star Chakra and into the Earth, all the way down to the core, from where it returns all the way up again, forming an endless loop of oneness.


Earth in the UniverseWith an opened Divine Gateway Chakra, all is possible. We become one with Mother Earth, the Womb, which is the very core of the Universe and Goddesses.
We become a part of the Divine and bring a substantial level of peace and love to Earth and to its inhabitants.
Our mission is to bring spiritual ascension to the world and assist in the process.


I can only imagine the shift in the world if more and more people started activating their higher chakras…


I think I already quoted this specific sentence somewhere on my website, but let’s do it again, coz it’s great and we should all be saying it more often… 🙂


“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”

– John Lennon

Spiritual Ascension





Ethereal body chakras (0th, 8th – 12th chakras) are not associated with a specific colour as such, however, white may pop up quite frequently as high-frequency white healing light is generated in Soul Star Chakra.


Chakras in our bodies are linked to the colours of the rainbow, which leaves our higher out-of-body chakras resonating with colours such as ‘opalescent’, ‘iridescent’, gold, silver or platinum.


SeleniteCrystals used to balance, heal and open these out of body chakras have to, therefore, vibrate at an equally high frequency.
Meditating with such crystals will help the white light flow through your body and aid the restoration of physical and emotional balance, as well as reveal your purpose in present life’s incarnation.


TanzaniteBoth Clear Quartz and Selenite can be used for the opening of these chakras, as well as clearing Crown Chakra.
Other Soul Star Chakra high vibration healing crystals include Amethyst, Charoite, Clear Danburite, Herderite, Natrolite, Petalite, Phenacite, Sugilite and Tanzanite.


Raw SugiliteI would highly recommend using raw crystals instead of polished stones when working with such powerful energies, as they will truly help you open up these chakras and make you perceptive to higher spiritual realms.



I wish you a pleasant spiritual ascension and, for everyone’s sake, be a dreamer.





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