The Golden Age of Atlantis: Even Aquaman was aware of his 12 chakra system!

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll find it extremely easy to be appreciative of bohemian-looking demigods with long hair, tattooed (bare) chest that can crush vehicles, down-to-earth attitude and a smashing sense of humour. Of course, I’m talking about Aquaman, a.k.a Jason Momoa!
The Golden Age of Atlantis
While sitting in the cinema on one of the last days of 2018 watching Aquaman (Momoa), brought to life by DC Comics and Warner Bros, I couldn’t help but ponder about two of my favourite subjects in the whole wide world: the lost city of Atlantis and our bodies’ energy centres, called chakras. I’m not exactly into comics, so was surprised to find Aquaman (Momoa) set in the lost kingdom of Atlantis. My mind pulled up a piece of information from a few months back, as I started researching 12 chakra system and stumbled upon Diana Cooper’s Discover Atlantis, explaining the connection between Atlantis and their use of 12 chakra system.
So, just for a while, I will try to take my mind off Jason Momoa and focus on the Golden Age of Atlantis, Atlanteans and their knowledge of 12 chakra system (come on brain, you can do this!) before introducing other 12 chakra systems put in place by Diana Cooper, Lord Kuthumi, Cyndi Dale and Lazaris.



Years and years ago during one of my identity crisis, someone told me that whatever you feel most drawn to answers the question of where you came from. Now, I know I came from my mum and dad and that my family tree is deeply rooted somewhere in Eastern Europe… but that’s not what they meant. I’ve always had a mad connection with the sea, and dreamt of living in Atlantis as a spiritually evolved individual.
So does that make my soul Atlantean??
Map of Atlantis
My favourite theory involves four highly advanced societies (Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians and Lyrans) amongst other light beings creating Earth as an experiment to bring their knowledge into a third-dimensional world by incarnating in human form. They created the first island called Lemuria (representing the divine feminine), and the second one called Atlantis (representing the divine masculine). The inhabitants of these two islands co-existed and evolved their shared knowledge and skills in harmony for thousands of years. Today we refer to this era as the Golden Age of Atlantis.



It was during that time that the technology and human light consciousness were at the highest point ever in the history of Earth. And
The Ruins of Atlantis
yep, their level of technology was far greater than the one we have today!
They seemed to have merged their scientific knowledge well with their spiritual sides. They were strongly connected to their 12 chakras and relied mostly on the energy they derived from crystals. Their lives were intertwined with sacred geometry and their highly-complex technology enabled them to produce computers, aircrafts, elevators, submarines, crystal lasers, you name it!
Diana Cooper explains such achievements in extreme detail in her book “Discover Atlantis”. I find her display of knowledge fascinating and have inhaled the book in only a few days. It has deepened my understanding of Atlantis immensely, as it describes the rise and fall of Atlantis, and focuses heavily on its Golden Age. Cooper has written many other equally interesting works, however, Discovering Atlantis stands out for me – it’s a must-read for anyone who feels strongly connected to Atlantis.
Cooper states that before Ego developed, Atlanteans had greatly expanded skulls and brains, and used it to their full potential. They were known for their various psychic abilities (most of us have them too, but they’ve been suppressed), such as clairvoyance, clairsentient, clairaudience, remote viewing, psychometry and seeing auras.
She also explains how the energies that have recently been beamed to Earth are resulting in the awakening of more and more people, preparing us for the new Golden Age of Atlantis. We have the power to reinvent our lives to live the way Atlanteans used to by applying our knowledge of everyone sharing the same space, the same spiritual oneness. This will enable us to exist from the viewpoint of unconditional love and balance the yin and yang, masculine and feminine within us.
Another fascinating discovery that Cooper made is the fact that when our Earth Star chakras are in full operation, the Earth will be able to heal itself from years of pollution.
Great news for humanity, especially the members of Extinction Rebellion!
However, the Earth Star chakra requires cosmic rays emanating from the three transpersonal chakras (Causal, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway chakras) in order to be stimulated and activated.


“The balance created by the triangle of the three higher chakras and the Earth Star allows the holy presence of the eternal
force to renew the Earth and to help heal it from the damage inflicted by humans.”

Diana Cooper, “Discover Atlantis”
The Great Pyramid of Giza
What currently plagues humanity the most is our fear of unknown. But when the planet is full of such high energies as described above, the pyramids will once again be renewed and re-energized to work with the stars, as will our self-healing powers. Similarly to monks over the past 2000 years, Atlanteans would walk at least three miles every day with bare feet to keep their connection to Earth strong, so they could allow their spirits to fly safely.
We should definitely take some inspiration from them! 🙂


*If you would like to help raise vibrations and fight for Mother Earth’s survival, head over to my website Pachamama Warrior to find out how.



I had immense difficulties trying to source out THE ONE AND ONLY 12 chakra system, but instead found scattered pieces of information describing various 12 chakra systems, which, quite frankly, melted my brain!
After weeks of research, I started gravitating towards a specific chakra system, as outlined by Melanie Beckler. I’m a fan of her guided meditations and her theory seemed to have resonated with me the most, but I do have to admit that Diana Cooper’s variation of 12 chakra system is definitely up there with Melanie Beckler’s. So if you’re keen to have a little look at the fruits of my painfully slow labour, hop on to my 12 chakra system page.
Hope you have a ball! 🙂


But for the rest of you, here’s a brief summary of the remainder of the equally interesting interpretations of 12 chakra systems pinned down by some of the biggest names in the chakra world:



1. Diana Cooper’s Atlantean 12 chakra system 

Let me start with one of the most detailed versions of 12 chakra system, taken from Diana Cooper’s “Ascension Through Orbs”, in which she links individual chakras to colours (bear in mind fifth-dimensional colours may be different to the colours we associate with seven basic chakras) and Archangels that overlook them. This 12 chakra system came from Atlanteans, but as we evolved (along with our egos) only seven chakras in the body remained, until now. Find out more about the main 7 chakras here.
 To explain Cooper’s 12 chakra system in detail, I am enclosing the names of all 13 chakras:


  • Earth Star chakra (black and white) – Archangel Sandalphon
  • Base (platinum), Sacral (tender pink) and Navel chakra (bright orange) have developed from one chakra to three chakras in the fifth dimension – Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame Hope
  • Solar plexus chakra (deep gold with rainbow lights) – Archangel Uriel and his twin flame Aurora
  • Heart chakra (white) – Archangel Chamuel and Charity
  • Throat chakra (royal blue) – Archangel Michael and Faith
  • Third eye chakra (crystal ball) – Archangel Raphael and his twin flame Mary
  • Crown chakra (crystal clear) – Archangel Jophiel and his twin flame Christine
  • The Causal chakra (white) – Archangel Christiel and his twin flame Mallory
  • The Soul Star chakra (magenta) – Archangels Zadkiel, Amethyst, Mariel and Lavender
  • The Stellar Gateway (deepest gold to orange) – Archangel Metatron, Seraphim Seraphina (looks after the stage between the Stellar Gateway and Source)


2. Lord Kuthumi’s DNA-based 12 chakra system

According to Master Kuthumi, there are 12 crystals that correspond with 12 strands of DNA, 12 chakras and 12 numbers. I find this version highly confusing and can’t seem to wrap my head around it, but in case you feel like delving deeper, here’s a DNA-based 12 chakra system article by An Indian Machine.
Ascending Masters World produced a (subtly funky) video explaining Lord Kuthumi’s message about the 12 chakra system to help our transition into the fifth dimension. Personally, the computer lady voice puts me off, but it’s worth a listen purely because it manages to provide some brilliant information.


3. Cyndi Dale’s 12 chakra systems

Cyndi Dale is in my eyes THE chakra connoisseur, she’s written many books on the subject, including “Advanced Chakra Wisdom”.
Dale explains there are two versions of 12 chakra systems, which are quite similar to each other.


   12 Chakra System No.1:
  • Basic 7 chakras
  • 8th: Time transcendence & connection to Spirit
  • 9th: Seat of the Soul
  • 10: Earth connection
  • 11th: Mind over matter
  • 12th: Universal Unity


   12 Chakra System No. 2:
  • Basic 7 chakras
  • 8th: Earth chakra
  • 9th: Lunar chakra
  • 10th: Solar chakra
  • 11th: Galactic chakra
  • 12th: Universal chakra/Universal consciousness


4. Lazaris’ 12 chakra system

The following is information gathered from recorded sessions with channel Lazaris explaining his version of 12 chakra system, which consists of:
  • Basic 7 chakras
  • 8th: Auric chakra
  • 9th: Etheric chakra
  • 10th: Real Self chakra
  • 11th: Soul Star Chakra
  • 12th: Divine Gateway chakra


Which version of 12 chakra system resonates with you most? 
Do you happen to know any other interpretations of the 12 chakra system or have any books to recommend? If so, don’t be shy, please share your knowledge in the comment box. I’d be delighted to know more about this subject!


So, there you go! I’m still completely fascinated by the connection between the 12 chakra system and Atlantis. Researching these two subjects has been extremely time consuming, but absolutely rewarding at the same time. This knowledge has been waiting to reach me and I’m glad it brought me to Diana Cooper’s Discover Atlantis. I keep important books (my personal bibles!) on my bedside table, and this one gets to lay closest to my head! 😛
Also, it looks like I’ve managed to keep Jason Momoa out of this for most parts, despite many sabotaging attempts by my brain!
For this, I give myself a big, juicy pat on the back!
You talking ’bout me??


Until next time,


Love, light & cuddles xx


8 thoughts on “The Golden Age of Atlantis: Even Aquaman was aware of his 12 chakra system!

  1. I always like reading about topic such as the lost city of Atlantis i find it very interesting to see the discoveries that we have made over time about topics such as this. i haven’t seen the movie Aqua man as yet so i am m happy there were no spoilers lol. Thanks so much for sharing especially about the 12 chakra systems.

    1. Hey Jamiro!

      Thank you for your comment! Atlantis is such an interesting subject, I think our souls long for a world like it. I’m also glad I haven’t ruined Aquaman for you! It’s not one of my favourite films, but it definitely gets my imagination going when it comes to Altlantis! 😀 

      12 chakra system is such a broad subject, and it seems that new knowledge keeps on popping up through different channels. I’m excited to find out more- I’ll definitely be posting about it.

      Love, light & cuddles

      Spela Elan Rei 

  2. Hi Spela, I enjoyed your post, I can see how passionate you are about chakras, Atlantis and Momoa, lol, well I like the first two topics, they can provide a lot of good information. Since I was a kid I was also fascinated about Atlantis, I read all I could about the topic, I remember reading about Edgar Cacey and his connection with Atlantis, so many interesting things in this world, well thank you for the post and God bless you.

    1. Hey Jerry, thank you for such a sweet comment! 

      It’s definitely an interesting read! Whenever I pick a book up about Atlantis, I struggle to put it back down again, even when my eyes are begging for me to stop hahah! Atlantis sounds like a perfect world to me, and one of my researches to follow will be focused on our connections to Atlanteans and how we can revive the suppressed parts of our Atlantean selves 🙂

      I’m glad you mentioned Edgar Cayce, his information on Atlantis and his predictions are priceless! His work massively fueled my fascination with Atlantis and was the reason for my further research. I believe once you read his words there’s no turning back! I specifically remember how blown away I was after reading about the giant laser-like crystals that they’ve built, which became the reason for the destruction of Atlantis. Greed and power-hungry ego – never a good combination! 😀

      Pop back anytime for some more posts:)

      Love, light & cuddles

      Spela Elan Rei

  3. Before reading this article I had no idea about Chakras. This article had everything I needed to know about Chakras.

    It was amazing to read about 12 Chakra system No.1, and 12 Chakra system No.2. 

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us. This is a well written article. It was easy to understand and read.

    1. Hi Sujandar!

      I’m glad you found the article so informative. A lot of research has gone into it, and I feel like it’s so confusing trying to find a 12 chakra system that resonates. That’s why I’ve piled up all the different 12 chakra systems I could find and laid them out in one place, which satisfied my organisational side immensely! 😀

      Thank you very much for your comment, it’s always great to get some feedback from the readers!

      Don’t be a stranger:)

      Love, light & cuddles

      Spela Elan Rei

  4. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on the golden age of atlantis.This review is full of high level knowledge regarding past life but which can be renewed again .

    I have read about chakra in astrology but I am not sure if it is the reality because if it was the world wouldn’t be in such pain.

    1. Hey there, Julienne!

      First of all, thank you for commenting on my post. You’re absolutely right, it CAN be renewed again, which coincides with Edgar Cayce’s and Diana Cooper’s theory about the rise of the Atlantis. In 2012 we experienced new energies and portals being opened, which kick-started many people’s spiritual ascensions. Many more portals have been opened since and we’re all downloading new (or old) knowledge that will essentially raise the Earth’s vibration. 

      In the middle of this ascension process are our chakras. More and more people are connecting to their higher, out of body chakras, resulting in increase in compassion, inner peace and a decrease in ego. 

      And we all know that saying: “As within, so without.” 

      We’ve treated each other, animals and the Earth badly, but we can definitely change the world by changing ourselves first:)

      Lots of light & love to you.

      Spela Elan Rei

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