The History and Science of Crystals

AmuletAs humans, we’ve been known to cultivate fascination towards crystals, stones and gems since the very beginning of our existence. First of our ancestors became crafty at making talismans and amulets using mammoth ivory, fossils, shells and whatever else they could find.
Ancient Egyptians were amongst the first to start using crystals mainly for protection, well-being, and wore it as jewellery.  They were also very keen on including Quartz in their burials (they put in on the forehead of the deceased to grant their soul passing over safely) and used other stones like Turquoise, Carnelian, Emerald, etc. to aid their well-being.


They were also famous for grounding Malachite and lead ore into a powder which they used to decorate their faces, which promoted their social status.


It wasn’t until the Ancient Greeks that the word ‘crystal’ came into use. Greek Bracelets from the Olbia TreasureThey were firm believers in the power of crystals and their lives were intertwined with them. Most of the names that they used for crystals are still in use now, such as Amethyst and Hematite.
Some of the stones like Jade were very popular in Ancient China, South America and parts of New Zealand. They were very common in burials, healing ceremonies and in spiritual practices.


The use of crystals is well documented in Ayurvedic medicine and Ancient Japanese scrying practices.


Amethyst Crystal in NatureDifferent cultures and traditions continued combining the healing power of crystals with herbs to improve people’s well-being, and crystals were being acknowledged through various religions.


It wasn’t until Renaissance that people wanted proof of crystals actually working, which, scientifically, they couldn’t get.


The belief of cleansing and programming crystals which is still strongly present in this day and age comes from Renaissance.  That’s when people started believing that crystals can bear good energies or take on evil energies if they come in contact with a sinner.


Catholic Church in RenaissanceThe reputation of the healing properties of crystals became damaged in the 17th century, where believing in crystals as healing aid was declared superstitious by the Church. Their justification was that crystals can not have healing properties, they can only be given such powers by God.
Another blow came from a certain publication that claimed crystals are essentially just objects, making them impossible to carry such powers as believed over the past thousands of years.


Naturally, people followed what became a mainstream belief, which forced crystal healing underground.


Nowadays, it seems that the world is divided when it comes to crystal healing. There are feisty believers (don’t mess with us!) 😛 and non-believers who look at crystals and see rocks.


But it would seem that nature holds a lot of surprising answers in this case…


 …is the big question!


Different cultures from around the world definitely thought so in the past! They have all independently recognised the healing power that specific crystals hold.


For example:

Turquoise has been known as the stone of good health and strength all over the world.

Jade has been known to heal kidney stones in Ancient Chinese, Mayan and Aztec civilizations.

Jasper has been known as the stone of both calm and strong energies in cultures worldwide.




What about the scientific side of this subject?

Wikipedia teaches us that a crystal is a solid material whose atoms, molecules or ions are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions.

Yeah, that just flew right over my head. But let’s have some more of this science talk to get things straight. 🙂


Crystals are widely used across the world in modern technology:
Quartz Watch♦ When Quartz is exposed to pressure it produces an electrical charge (called “piezoelectric effect”) which makes this crystal perfect for use in watches (also used in radios and microprocessors). Quartz regulates the movement of the watch by maintaining a precise frequency standard, making it accurate.
Quartz is widely used in most electronic devices, such as transistors, computer chips, digital watches, electric guitars, microphones, etc.
It also has the ability to ignite gas by creating a spark with its small electrical charge, lighting up our ovens, heaters, lighters, grills and other gas-powered appliances.
Ruby Laser cut-awayRuby has been used in lasers since the sixties for its ability to focus energy.
One of the theories (which happens to be my favourite) by Edgar Cayce claims that the reason there have been so many unexplained disappearances in Bermuda’s triangle is that a giant crystal laser generator has been lying at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean since the ancient times. Apparently, it was used (and probably misused) by a lost civilisation and is currently messing with the electromagnetic fields, causing a sort of ‘severe confusion’ to passing ships and planes.
Graphite Crystal Pencil♦ Not everyone has a watch and a small quartz attached to their wrist, but I’m taking a wild guess that everyone does use pencils. The lead in a pencil is made out of crushed Graphite crystal, which is compressed into a solid state.
♦ Every person with a cell phone, computer, a tablet or TV is using a Silicone crystal or liquid crystals, which are used to display content and images on the screen of a device of their choice.


Crystals really are everywhere! 🙂


So why is our society so eager to disregard their healing powers?

As I was conducting my crystal science research one thing I found extremely interesting was the amount of ‘scientific studies’ on the web claiming crystals induce a placebo effect on a person rather than possess actual healing properties, thus making crystal healing a pseudoscience

…or, as I like to call it,

 ‘metaphysical trumpery’

(Do click on the link, it’s highly educational!) 😀


Somehow they managed to completely disregard years of research performed by one of the most prominent scientists EVER… Whoopsies!


What I found absolutely HILARIOUS was how public library I was researching at restricted my access to a website about our soon-to-be-man-of-the-hour Nikola Tesla‘s scientific findings that crystal healing is legit (neurotically marking it as ‘suspicious content’).


What the actual F

Government, please!


Anyhow, I managed to hack right through their barriers!



(Obviously not, I’m just a harmlessly excitable girl obsessed with sparkly things).



But…! I did find the following:



Nikola Tesla InventorNikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a Serbian-American inventor who paved his way to a worldwide ‘mad scientist’ celebrity status by contributing to the design of the AC (alternating current) electricity supply system amongst other important inventions, such as Tesla coil, induction motor, rotating magnetic field and radio remote control vehicle a.k.a. torpedo.
He was born in the Austrian Empire and emigrated to the United States in 1884 to work for Edison Machine Works. Shortly afterwards he quit and set up his own labs in New York City and Colorado Springs, where he deducted many experiments, focusing heavily on wireless communication before the project’s funding was cut.
Tesla Coil for healing diabetes
Tesla was quite futuristic in his way of thinking and had interesting comments on society. Celebrities flocked to his labs for private demonstrations of his inventions and to witness Tesla’s exquisite flair for showmanship.
Another part of Tesla’s experiments were crystals, their frequencies, vibrations and energy conductivity.


“Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation.”

– Nikola Tesla

Gems and Crystals
Tesla publicly shared many thoughts about the human perception of the Universe and how the universal energy exists perfectly in nature for us to use. He cited crystals and their vibrations as an example.


Electromagnetism is a key to understanding how crystal healing works:

When we bring a crystal with its own vibration at a certain frequency into our own electromagnetic field, the law of resonance will ensure that the crystal’s electromagnetic frequencies vibrate with relevant frequencies in our bodies by creating a third larger vibrational field. When our nervous system picks up on the change in the vibrational field, it sends the newly acquired information to our brain to process it and apply these biochemical changes further, triggering changes in our physical bodies.
When it comes to vibrations, a subject with a higher vibrational frequency will raise another’s subject’s lower vibrational frequency to match both frequencies in order to resonate on the same level.


So… I think it’s more than fair to say that crystal healing is a lot more than just wishful thinking (or ‘metaphysical trumpery’).


Reiki WellnessThere are many people that have opened themselves up to the chi of the Universe and can feel it in crystals as well as within themselves. They sometimes hone it by becoming Reiki practitioners and healing others.


I must agree with Tesla completely, the universal energy IS present in nature (think sacred geometry) and all we have to do is open ourselves up to it and listen closely.


Sacred Geometry Flower of Life

We are nature.

We are the Universe.




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